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Posted Friday, January 21, 2011 09:55 AM

Covers' Hottest Ultimate Race Ever!

The Next Ultimate Race is set to start up on Friday Jan, 21st and oh what a race it will be!  This is the first time we have started another race so quickly after the previous one finished, and it should be our biggest one yet!

Everyone's Talking About It!

It's easy and fun to play! It's a race to 200 wins and you can make a max of 4 picks a day. the catch is, you have to have at least one game in every sport available for that day.  Some people hate this feature, but hey, it's a free contest!  If you don't like it, so just do your best and you never know what could happen!

First Pace Prize - $5,000 Cash! (equivalent to 2 tickets to Hawaii, hotel, airfare and cash)

*NEW* Weekly Prize - $500 betED cash account credit!

Go the the Ultimate Race page linked HERE on Friday and get your picks in on day 1!
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