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Posted Tuesday, November 09, 2010 08:58 AM

Streak Survivor November Giveaway

Covers and betED are excited to announce that we are nearing the entry of our 100,000 user to participate in the Streak Survivor Contest on Covers.com, and with it comes great celebration and some great prizes!  

For each Covers users taking part in our Streak Survivor Contest throughout the month of November, we will be submitting their username into a draw for a chance to win $1,000 cash which will be deposited directly into their betED accounts.  There’s no deposit necessary and no rollover when you receive your prize.  But it doesn’t stop there!

Following the draw for the $1,000 winner, we will be drawing out 14 more prizes for our Streak Survivor Participants!

Here is a list of the prizes available:

1st - $1,000 Cash
2nd - $750 Cash
3rd - $500 Cash
4th - $250 Cash
5th - $250 Cash
6th-10th - Covers Hoodie
11th-15th - Covers Hat

Submit your picks HERE and we will be announcing the winners at the end of the month!


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