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Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2009 01:34 PM

Commish Cash Challenge Winners!


The MLB All-Star Game is tonight bringing an end to the MLB Commish Cash Challenge!

Congratulations to all who participated by creating Wagerline Office Pools and competing against their friends.

Here are the winners of the Challenge:

1st:  AJPierzynski - 458 Members - Prize: $500 Cash
2nd: GreenEyedDevils - 273 Members - Prize: Wagerline Hoodie
3rd:  Bloodhound - 144 Members - Wagerline Hat

The following users also win prizes for being the leader of each of the Top 3 Office Pools as of 7/14/2009:

1st Place:  mcgrumpy - Prize: $100 Cash
2nd Place: beachballer - Prize: Wagerline Hoodie
3rd Place:  Thisistheyear27 - Prize: Wagerline Hat

Stay tuned for an NFL Commish Cash Challenge in the fall!


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Posted Saturday, July 04, 2009 08:50 AM

Most Interesting Gambler in the World

We're pleased to announce that Covers.com has its very own Youtube channel featuring sports picks, rants, sports highlights and much more!

Visit the Covers Youtube Channel to view videos and submit your own!

To coincide with this launch we have created a great video of Lou "The Most Interesting Gambler in the World". 

We hope you enjoy it!


PS - You may notice a cameo of yours truly in the Lou video!

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