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MRJLX Hits Streak of 17 & Wins $1000

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Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:08 PM   2 comments
A big well done MRJLX who has just hit a streak of 17 in the Streak Survivor contest. And we all know what that means....$1,000 cash will be snt your way. Enjoy buddy!

Why leave it at 17? let's see if you can go all the way and win the $100,000 cash prize. Next in sight is 21.

We will all be keeping a close eye on you and wishing you well!

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yonnysamy says:
5/22/2012 11:22:08 AM
hey rizzo
yonnysamy says:
5/22/2012 11:22:14 AM
hey rizzo
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