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Posted Tuesday, December 25, 2012 11:58 PM


Hello all- I have read some good posts on how to get your feet off the ground lately.

I also read a complaint that spurred on 4 notes of my own as advice to someone who was struggling, as demonstrated by thier post- I will leave them anonymous, but I want to set the table on this thing for you before we get going,

well 2 tables-

THE ADULT TABLE- the following information is MY OPINION AND EXPERIENCE on how to PATIENTLY grow a bankroll, mostly off of PURCHASED INFORMATION, and advice I gave in the topic and forum of purchased information from a professional handicapper-- sorry, I have a job that I love, and it takes up some time... In 15 years, I would like to earn primarily on handicapping, and I started that journey exactly one year ago today, X-mas... and things are ahead of schedule...

THE KIDDIE TABLE- Please oh please speak with intellegence and don't assume I AM AN IDIOT if you don't agree with what I am saying- I can promise you, I'm not a famous capper, and I'm not rich... but I'd like to be the later one day, and I don't care about the first part... I have included as many STATISTICS as possible to describe MY OPINION of money management FOR A SORE INDIVIDUALS PARTICULAR POST, AND I AM PASTING IT WITHOUT EDITTING MUCH- if it gets lost in translation, either ask me what I mean, or its on you. I will say, the original post was easy to see through, it was pretty faulty in terms of plausability, but it spurred... [More]


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