Posted Sunday, January 22, 2012 12:34 AM

Balt/NE, Check this tidbit out: Favors Brady/Pats

The officiating crew calling this game has called the FEWEST holding penalty plays then any other crew the entire season. Also, as a whole, the officials have really been letting the playoff teams "play" and not throwing many flags unless its a blatent fowl or clear unnecessary roughness...ALSO>>>this same crew leads all other officiating crews on pentalties called related to roughing the passer, late hits to QB, Helmet to helmet, etc

All of this plays directly into the hands of the Pats, considering their entire game is all about Brady dropping back and passing the ball (Less then mobile pocket passer).

I think it could be a very long day for the ravens.


Posted Monday, December 20, 2010 01:35 AM

VIP!!! What time did the Boise st vs Nevada game end?

I really need to know because it randomly pairs up with somethings that were goin on around me right when the game ended.   i need a time as a point of reference for my attorney.  I am on the east coast, but just let me know about how long double OT went on that night between the 2 teams that night for the game please.




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