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Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2013 08:42 AM

Problems with Big Blue

Whats going on with the 0-3 GMEN????

I think the problem lies in two key areas. First, their offensive line. Last year we knew this was an aging group as they had to rely on the services of Sean Locklear throughout the course of the season. In the draft, they selected Justin Pugh as their 1st pick, and unfortunately that was not the answer. The Giants are doing a horrible job of pass protection and an even worse job of run blocking. I know he's a rookie, but the Bears have 2 rookies on the right side of their line that are doing a fine job in protecting Cutler.  

In stead of panicking and signing Brandon Jacobs because of a couple fumbles by David Wilson, the Giants should have been looking for help on the offensive line. Eli has no time to throw the ball, and just as troubling, the pocket is collapsing around him way too soon, causing him to move off his spot and make really fast decisions with people around his legs. This is one of the reasons why he is the league leader in INTs this year. The Giants need to make adjustments to give Eli more time, which includes bringing in an extra tight end or keeping Hynoski back to help in protection.

The other major concern, which revealed itself last season, is the inability of their defensive line to generate a pass rush. Justin Tuck and Pierre Paul are supposed to be the anchors of this defense. Well the truth is, they are not playing at a high enough level. It looks like they should have resigned Osi Umeny... [More]


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