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Posted Monday, March 08, 2010 12:49 PM

Were you a better capper before the Internet?

We have the most INFORMATION available now for Cappers, with the INTERNET--

Before the NET we just used our OWN picks and read the NEWSPAPERS and maybe watched the SPORTS CENTRE--

Now we have the MOST INFORMATION available to us with the INTERNET and you would think we SHOULD BE BETTER CAPPERS-

I believe it works like this--  You are trying to MAKE A DECISION on an EVENT that will take place in the FUTURE--

By reading the INFORMATION on the NET, some is GOOD INFO and SOME IS BAD INFO or what I call IRRELEVANT INFO--

Picking WINNERS is nothing MORE than ANALYZING the CORRECT INFORMATION..   There is  saying Looking for LOVE in all the WRONG PLACES-

Well in Capping I will make a SAYING--  Looking at the WRONG information will TURN into a LOSING PICK--

Like any DECISION IN LIFE, sometimes YOU KNOW the ANSWER right away, SOME TIMES you need INFORMATION, some PEOPLE OVER ANALYZE INFO which will RESULT in THEM not making a clear CHOICE--

My take is that the INTERNET is kind of LIKE ALCOHOL with regards to CAPPING--

If INTERNET Is used correctly and in MODERATION it is GOOD and can help you get information like BOX SCORES----


INTERNET when used EXCESSIVELY can also INFLUENCE a PERSON and CLOUD his judgement ALSO--
This RESULT... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 04, 2010 02:25 PM


I had this crazy dream that I was in the Saints locker room before the Super Bowl--

Sean Payton put on a video showing the devastation of the Hurricane and the damage it did to the CITY and to the SUPERDOME-

The video went on to show families living in the Superdome and houses destroyed by the Hurricane.

Then they showed the victory vs the Falcons in the first game back at the Superdome--

People have been known to accomplish GREAT feats in LIFE when pushed into a corner. I wonder if the Saints staff will MANIPULATE the SAINTS player by USING EMOTIONALLY CHARGED TACTICS such as USING footage of the HURRICANE, homeless people, people hurt, people living on the streets to PUT the players in a FIGHT OR FLIGHT syndrome?
This is likely what the GIANTS did vs the PATS, they likely had the US vs the WORLD mentality and they WON that superbowl.

My dream seemed so REAL. I remember there was no NOISE at all in the Saints locker room.

There was complete silence in the Saints locker room, no one was talking, all the players were thinking about the Hurricane and the City and the PEOPLE of the city and how they are playing much more than a FOOTBALL game-

The Defensive lineman looked like they were ready to ENTER a hostage situation where they were going to BUST in and launch an ASSAULT on would be HOSTAGE TAKERS--  Ie MANNING

(this could be WHY GREG WILLIAMS is saying he will try and HURT MANNING, because I BELIEVE THAT I... [More]

Posted Sunday, January 31, 2010 09:47 AM

Don't dismiss AFC in Pro Bowl Game

Start off with a RAP from the song Let's talk about sex baby-

 Lets talk about the pro bowl, let's talk about Sex baby, let's talk about winners, let's talk about collecting, yeah yeah,

lets talk about Football !

Okay lets talk about a few things in ALL STAR games. Much like in the SENIOR BOWL, a certain team is favored because of STAR POWER and for no real reason. The bigger names on offense are favored in tehse games. Many times the underdog wins because there is no real clear cut favorite--

In this matchup I see a few things while capping this game in my CAPPING COMMAND CENTRE-

I am dialed in of late out of control, like an ANIMAL.

I see a few things that would make me lean towards the AFC--

-Wade Philips a DEFENSIVE coach is coaching the NFC- He is not an offensive type of coach, so that is not good in a all star game where offense is crucial and points are scored-

-Norv TURNER without a playoff game on the line will OPEN the offense up and should call the right plays to score points in this type of game- He knows offense, except for charger playoff games-

-DON MCNABB and ROMO are both inaccurate QBs and both not good passing qbs- They are not good and I dont like either of them throwing vs REVIS and the Raider corner ASOFOGGY? I think thats his name?

-REVIS and ASOFOGGY are both shutdown corners and should do well in this type of game-

-AFC is a DOG which is huge because OFTEN the D... [More]

Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 08:34 AM

Super Bowl Score from the GURU himself-

I spoke to the man known as the GURU, he is a football machine with extensive knowledge and this is what he has told me-

He described the game and how exactly it will go down and personally I tend to agree with his assessment-

He said basically people are sour on New Orleans Defense and brough the following points about the Saints-

-They are a Turnover defense- #2 in the league, and you cannot discount this defense- All season long they force turnovers.

-He said they dont really go out and TRY to stop teams like the JETS DO, this is a turnover Defense, they are out to create turnovers- He said they are an opturnistic defense-

-He said New Orleans Defense takes control by blitzing and they are aggressive and they come hard at the QB- he said vs manning they will almost have to take a step back, beacuse when they come to blitz, Manning will audible and that will force Orleans to change their Plan-
He basically said that Orleans will not be able to dictate what the offense does because Manning is so good at audibling.

Overall he said that basically there is little to NOTHING that Orleans can do to stop Peyton Manning from scoring- He said he can beat the zone and beat the man to man and can 100% baet the BLITZ which he did-

- He said that Peyton Manning on superbowl day will the smartest football mind in that stadium. He said he likely knows more about the Saints defense than some of the Saints Defensive starters if you can bel... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 21, 2010 09:03 AM

I came home and my Peyton Manning action figure was on the ground!

I have a good bet on the Colts to win it all at 3 to 1 odds at the start of the playoffs.

I have a Drew Brees and Peyton Manning NFL collectible Figure attached to my big screen TV on each corner of the 60 inch Tv.

I came home today and to my shock my Peyton Manning Collectible Figure was on the ground as it fell from my TV and his hip was bent and his knee was also twisted right around.

I bent him back into place and placed him back on the TV, but Peytons left leg is still a bit bent.

I hope this is not a sign that PEYTON will be on his back this Sunday.

My thoughts on the game are that Peyton is a Cerebral GENIUS, he is pretty much one step ahead of the Defense and knows everything the Defense is doing.

The one problem I see with the JETS is this Alien named REVIS, he is bloody brilliant. He has GPS tracking system to locate any ball in the air, has the strength of 20 olympic powerlifters, has the brains of Gary Kasparov the world Chess Champion, has webbed hands like a duck which give him super traction to catch any ball, he has the speed of a Cheetah, in fact he might have 4 legs? He has the footwork of a ball room dancer named Rico, he has the presence on the field like the Great GHANDI, when the ball is thrown he goes after it like the GREAT FAT ALBERT goes after a footlong Sub, he has the looks of a runway model, this man is just too good, he might be from Mars?

Now I worry if Reggie Wayne can beat this REVIS? Th... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:44 AM

UFC 102 RECAP- Summary- Observations-

I observed that with the gloves these UFC fighters wear that not many can take a big punch and recover.

Guys like NOG are rare, he takes a punch and just takes it and doesent hurt him. NOG was hit by a truck when he was young and says punches dont hurt him because he was hit by a TRUCK--

I notice that once a fighter is hurt, the opposing fighters can attack and finish them off pretty easily.

The lines in MMA are not set on who is the better fighter but they are set to how the public will react--

Guys like jardine and Couture as favorites is a JOKE because they both have really beaten no one and both cannot take a punch. Once they get hit they fall pretty fast-- I will say though Couture got hurt but NEVER QUIT, it was amazing that he survived the NOG beatings- Randy was not quitting in that fight no way in hell.

Maia showed that he has garbage standup and being trained by Wandy Silva is not a good thing as Maia's fate was pretty much the same as Wandy Silva in most fights. Wandy Silva is the last guy you want to learn stand up from. Wandy's style does not work anymore---

Was it me or wasnt Anderson Silva in the crowd wearing a SUIT but then somehow he was in NOG's corner? Did he take the suit off and then Help NOG?

Nog showed a good chin and good ground skills. His defense is not great, but he can take a punch--

Couture looked so ripped and skinny- there was no way Couture would ever beat LESNAR, they shouldnt even b... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:31 AM

NFL QB talk - Who's HOT and who's NOT

Coming into this season I though it would be a good idea to identify the HOT QB's and teams who we feel are good bets vs the QB's who are not good and Fadeable.


BREES- this guy looks like he is playing a video game, there is no QB in this league that delivers a nicer and faster  ball than BREES. It seems like he has super control of where guys are going to be. He is the most accurate passer I have ever seen in my life. Saints have weapons and look to be amazing on offense- BREES looks like the best QB i have seen play in this league---

Brady-- He looks pretty good back there throwing the ball. I think he will have a good year and do really well this season- He should put up huge numbers--

Flacco- I think he will be good this season--

Peyton- He should do well as usual--

Rivers- I have a good feeling that he will rip it up this season-


Jamarcus Russell-  IMO this guy is the worst QB in NFL history, I think he is worse than LEAF, Heath Schuler, jeff George. Basically all you have to do to beat this guy is BLITZ. Saints blitzed him every single team and were leading 38-0- HE is far too slow to throw the ball and is easy to hit cause he is so BIG and slow- He has no clue how to throw the quick reads- he is a deep passer or nothing--

Edwards-- He sucks on Bills end of story--

ELI- I think he will suffer without Burress and he is overrated--

Culpepper- He pretty much will st... [More]

Posted Monday, August 17, 2009 01:54 PM

Bolt: Is it time to have him race horses?

I think Bolt with his legs of a 7 footer and shiftiness of a Santana Moss or a Steve smith-- There is no competition from humans.

As I said there needs to be some good runners who are 6'10 and taller to challenge BOLT. We dont have that yet at this point..

So I am thinking will Bolt race a Horse in a 100 metre race?

Bolt has to start racing animals I think, they could give him a small lead in some cases or make the animal start 10 or 20 metres behind--

Bolt vs a HORSE would be a good race- Bolt is quicker and can run almost 50 km per hour-----If he runs really hard he should be hitting close to 60 kilometres per hour---
THe horse is slower and heavier and picks up speed after a while- I think BOLT can beat a horse--

Other animals were Bolt vs a Rabbit or a Race Dog?

To see how truly fast BOLT is and see if he is TRULY special I believe he has to start racing animals to cement his legacy as the fastest man in the world---

Ben Johnson tried to race the HORSE and lost the race, although Ben Johnson was not fast and was only 5'9 tall and had short legs. Ben almost won but the Horse blew past him around 80 metres and smoked him good.

This will happen at one POINT, Bolt is special and he has to start Racing vs animals who have 4 legs.

Posted Monday, August 17, 2009 01:49 PM

Inside CFL look - Strategies & Observations

I was at the Edmonton Calgary game LIVE where Edmonton won 38-35.. At the airport the BC Lions happened to be there also taking a flight to Toronto where they played on Friday---

I went to Subway and was stuck in the lineup behind some BC players who were buying subs. I was surprised that the players were drinking soft drinks and buying cookies and had little regard for their diets--

I was talking to one player who told me things were going to get UGLY on wednesday night when they arrive in Toronto. He said the players are gonna wanna go out and party in Toronto.
It was clear to me as some BUFFOON from the BC team was dancing in the Subway Lineup like a clown. All he was talking about was picking up some chicks and didnt seem to be focussed on football.

So from that point right there it was clear to me when I passed through security and anotehr BC player was panicking as security was holding him back and he started almost crying trying to get through so he doesent miss the flight---

I knew that these jokers were not going to come out strong In Toronto, which they didnt as they came out FLAT and Toronto held a good lead in the first half of that game--

So on to the Edmonton game where I attended---

Initially I noticed how Edmonton who is scoring lots of points had a stretching coach and was doing proper PRO type stretches..

Calgary was sitting on their side of the field with no stretching coach and no routines. They were stre... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 09, 2009 10:17 AM

Dana, how much more obvious can you FIX a Fight?

Dana Dana good old Dana really hit the panick button after he could not sign FEDOR--
Understanding that the UFC was embarassed and took a huge blow in their goal for GLOBAL expansion and by shutting down all competitors failed. By signing FEDOR they would have basically killed all competitors with ORTIZ coming along also--

Now the UFC cannot say it has the best fighters in the world, because they dont have the BEST POUND for POUND fighter in the world in FEDOR-- His record speaks for itself--

Now bring on Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffith? Let's look at this match a little closer-- DANA knows that his Best fighter in the UFC is ANderson SIlva, he is ranked 2nd in the pound for pound rankings and is huge for marketing, next to FEDOR---

So DANA knows a loss by Silva is a disaster to the UFC, and also a lacklustre win is not good either again. He knows that Forrest basically is a feeder for other fighters- Forrest is not really that good- They fixed the first fight vs Quinton jackson to get a Champion from the ULTIMATE fighter SHOW to give it credibilility.

Remember the UFC was at its peak popularity when CHUCK Liddel was champion and Forrest was a great marketing PLOY as he was the average white bar fighter scrappy labourer type of fighter--

Dana approaches FORREST explains to him that he needs him to tank this fight and be cautious and let SILVA win the fight within the first 3 minutes-- This way everyone forgets about FEDOR, which is wh... [More]


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