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Posted Tuesday, March 09, 2010 11:34 AM

Interesting article on Bettman from the Globe and Mail...

From Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail
Published on Monday, Mar. 08, 2010

There are times, in professional sport and elsewhere, when you need more than a competent manager. You need visionary leadership, and right now, hockey in general, and the NHL in particular, finds itself at such a crossroads.

If that wasn't obvious before the 2010 men's Olympic tournament, it certainly was by the time the festivities in Vancouver concluded with the storybook finish in the gold-medal game.

In a lifetime, there have been precious few perfect expressions of the sport's beauty – its speed, finesse and physical power – and just about all of those have involved international competition in one form or another (including the fondly remembered New Year's Eve clash between the Montreal Canadiens and Central Red Army in 1975).

Obviously, it's a whole lot easier to create and maintain those high-end aesthetics with only the best players in the world on the ice, in a limited time frame with enormous emotional stakes. But still, coming back to earth with the resumption of the NHL's 2009-10 regular season was a most unpleasant thud, watching hopeless teams going through the motions, remembering that staged fights are highlights, sensing the league's Olympians were dealing with their own hangovers.

Hockey consumers encompassing the entire spectrum from passionate to casual would agree the Vancouver Games experience was something to be... [More]

Posted Thursday, October 08, 2009 09:45 AM

Puck Picks for Thursday, Oct. 8th

Hey Guys,

I'm jumping into the season tonight with a pair of bets.  I made a small wager against a co-worker in the Leafs-Sens game on Tuesday night, but so far that's been my only action in the 2009/10 season.

Florida, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit have all returned from their season-opener games in Europe.  I've had decent success betting against teams in this situation in recent years, as the trip home across the big pond tends to produce fatigue.

Atlanta plays St.Louis tonight and at +141 I'm playing them for 1 unit hoping that the trend mentioned above plays out.

Ottawa plays host to the Islanders tonight in their home opener after going 1-1 on the road through their first 2 games.  I'm laying 2 units on them tonight at -160 against the Isles. The Sens are better than the Isles in all facets of the game and I expect a good show from them at home tonight especially after a confidence boosting win against the Leafs on Tuesday.

BOL to all!



Posted Monday, February 18, 2008 08:07 AM

Big Sens Trade

My thoughts on the recent Sens-Canes trade:

Joe Corvo was great on the powerplay but had a ton of defensive slip-ups and led to alot of untimely goals. We have enough firepower on the PP with our forwards, and hopefully Redden and Meszaros will be able to hold the PP together in Corvo's abscence. Adding Commodore gives us some much needed size, and will hopefully cut down on the garbage goals our D has been letting though in recent weeks.  
Patrick Eaves is a good young player, but really won't be missed too badly, we were able to keep Vermette who I feel is much better, and we still have alot of other young talent with Foligno and Kelly. Adding Stillman should provide some much needed secondary scoring, along with some good leadership.  
The fact that both Stillman and Commodore are up for Free Agency while Corvo and Eaves still had some contract time left is one big downside...but we needed some changes and especially some players with proven playoff experience as this playoff run should hopefully turn out well.  
All in all I'm happy with the trade, we'll have to wait and see how it pans out...I think they'll both be in Sens jerseys tonight against Buffalo!  


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