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New England's Offense = Oregon Ducks Offense

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Posted Wednesday, October 10, 2012 12:55 PM   5 comments

If you want to back Seattle this weekend and believe all the hype on the stupid crowd noise and 12th man -- please read this article.

In short, the Patriots have a lethal offense -- which is masked by two losses to the Ravens and Cardinals.  Denver got a taste of it -last week.  EXPECT MUCH MORE!  They have taken Chip Kelly's Oregon system and adopted it to the NFL.  The Patriots had a record number of first downs last week.  Their offense through 4 games has similar numbers to 2007 when they re-wrote the Offensive record books.  The only difference is they are not passing for 50+ TD -- they are scoring on the ground, in the air, with WRs, with TDs, from the slot, on screens.....Brady is orchestrating the match-ups in warp speed.  Get on Board now before the Pats are -10 point favorites.  My guess... 24 to 28 points a week is a minimum.  30+  points will be standard fare in the weeks to come.

Yes, I love Seattle's Defense -loaded with weapons and pro bowlers.  Yes this will be a great matchup however, no defense is ready for warp speed and Brady with a duel threat running game (200+ yards - last two weeks), Welker, Lloyd, and Gronk.  There are matchup problems.  Wait til - TE Hernandez is back and full speed. 

Lastly, Russell Wilson will not outscore the Pats.  Recent performances show that 14 to 17 points is a stretch for him.

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SharpShooter8 says:
10/10/2012 2:34:31 PM

This has nothing to do with beating Manning -- it has do with the way the Patriots offense is being run.  It is vastly different most teams.  I said nothing about the Superbowl.  Good luck.


SharpShooter8 says:
10/12/2012 11:02:52 AM

Quotes from Pete Carroll - Seattle Head Coach on October 10th (October 11th article):

Looking at how the Patriots have used a fast-paced, no-huddle attack the last two weeks in wins against the Bills and Broncos, Carroll said there's no other team in the NFL with that kind of tempo. He can think of just one comparison.

"Yeah, the Oregon Ducks. They're the ones that play similar to this. There's nobody in the league that's close at this time," Carroll said. "It's their willingness to go this fast that separates them from other teams. They've taken on a different approach and philosophy that singles them out in their commitment to the tempo, and that's cool to watch."

How do you defend against it?

"You've got to play really fast," he said. "We'll see if we can get lined up and execute like we're capable, and they're hoping that we don't."

10/12/2012 11:07:35 AM

 Seattle defense = SEC defense

grantoxowns says:
10/13/2012 12:47:41 AM
2169, this guy above ^ me, is spot fuc$ing on.
Mr_Money says:
10/14/2012 9:30:56 PM
Lets see: Patriots lose, Baltimore wins, Niners get annihilated by the Giants and Atlanta squeaks by lol
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