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Posted Saturday, October 11, 2014 07:53 AM

Legion of Boom Tho. 0-0 YTD (first official post this season)

Showtime is back (AKA Legion of Boom Tho).  I won't waste any of your time bragging about wins/losses/bad beats etc.  If it isn't posted it don't count.  I have sat back and merely watched for the past two weekends.  I believe that NOW is probably the best time to get in the game.
1. Basketball and baseball, football are all in action.  Of course it's late in baseball and preseason basketball, oddsmakers still have to post lines... meaning less attention will be paid to lesser college football teams.
2. At this point in the season,  cupcake city is over and conference play is in full swing.  Trend analysis usually tells a good story (see Arizona vs Oregon last Thursday).
3. Teams have something to play for.. bowl births, playoff contention, conference titles and 90% of the teams still can still dream up a way to reach their goal (if we win 5/6 we will be... etc)
My methodology to games is to pay attention to the game flow and be prepared to make a decision at halftime. For example: Mid-tier school A vs. Mid-tier school B.  O/U 63 for game.  Halftime score  = 17-14 with one score on punt return and the other on a 56 yard td pass.  The weather is  cold windy. 2H O/U isset @31.5  I would follow game flow, runs vs pass. Attempts at big plays, previous games and make an informed decision.  Usually there is only a 15 minute to accomplish the necessary research. Sometimes it's a play, mos... [More]

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2012 07:12 PM

BoomTho: The Movement NCAAB YTD 3-1 75%

Today I like Michigan/Eastern Michigan over 117. Eastern will try to slow the game down but they aren't good enough of a team to stop Burke, Robinson, Hardaway and Co. The line is set at 71-46 Michigan.

Good Luck!
It's Showtime

Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012 06:31 AM

*BoomTho: The Movement: YTD 0-0 (+0 units)

Greetings friends,

It's been quite a while since I've posted my picks here. Like my old title, "Back by Popular Demand," I am back for at least a few. I think my last post was a debate of point shaving in CBB. Anyway, in interest of full disclosure, I've had a negative year on college football and a positive year in college basketball. Of course, I won't mention records or win percentage because it's after the fact (lol@ those who claim to win at 85-90%!) and we all know how that goes.

As a refresher, I range my bets from 1-3 units. Generally, you'll see no more than a two team parlay, usually it's single game. I have an emotional issue with losing by .5 so against conventional wisdom, I either lay the hook or buy the hook. 

Again, glad to be back. Picks will be up shortly.

It's Showtime!

*BoomTho is a movement started by former University of California Star, Rod Benson. Boom got dem Dos!

Posted Saturday, November 12, 2011 08:16 AM

Reverse Line Movement Play

Texas A&M -5.5

Line opened at -3

Public is pounding KState (65%)

Line is now -2.5 in aTm direction..

Vegas vs Public? I'll take Vegas..

The key to this match is strengths versus weaknesses. Texas A&M is good against the run and can pass the ball. K-State strength is their running game and have trouble stopping the pass. It seems that the public is looking at the records and ranking.

BOL.. It's Showtime!

Posted Saturday, September 10, 2011 01:57 PM

showtyme CFB Beginning of documented season ytd 0-0


California -6
Purdue    -2
Texas   -7

All bets are 2 units. As time permits, write-ups will be available

Posted Sunday, December 13, 2009 09:00 AM

Sunday 12/13 Back By Popular Demand (3-0 ytd 100%)


I was asked to post my picks for this weekend. If the interest remains, I may keep it going. Yesterday, my analysis on two of my three picks was spot on. The Purdue victory, I didn't factor in the emotion of Ingram winning the Heisman and Graduation Day. The emotion wore off and Purdue took charge of the game for the last 14 mins. On to today's games...

Pepperdine is not playing quality basketball right now. One would think they were in the PAC-10! The waves have lost 4 straight and their 3 victories this year were against lower tier schools to say the least (mon,calstb,hamp). On the flip side, Portland has 4 losses this season, 3 were against wash,washst, and stanford. There isn't much else to say about this except, Pep is not good.

Portland state -1

Repeating my same logic. I have UCRiv beating NOAz. Riverside is rolling, after losing to 2 two decent teams (USC,NM), they have found ways to win the rest of their games.Yes it is good to be home for NOAz but they aren't the surprise team they were last year.

UC Riverside -2

UTEP is playing good basketball this season. Specifically, good defense. The are playing their closest rival (geographical) NMSU. This is a repeat match-up from December 1st in Las Cruces with UTEP winning 78-59. I like the trend to continue. I can see New Mexico St making adjustments on defense to slow down UTEP just a bit. I think UTEP will continue is defensive ways

Under 150 (PO... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 12, 2009 07:46 AM

Back by Popular Demand, Cameo appearance (0-0 YTD)


I've decided I would make a cameo appearance again here in the forum. I wanted to post some quality picks with insight. Good Luck if you are on this train. I have done well this CBB thus far, however, officially I am 0-0 so no need to post a record that is unverifyable (sp?).

I will begin with No Iowa -3 versus Sienna.

Wow, NI is one of the most experienced teams in all of CBB they have all of their starters from last season and 9/10 players back. They are playing excellent ball this season, they are fresh of a 17 point thumping of intrastate rival Iowa(they also have wins over Iowa St and Boston College). Sienna is a good team, don't get me wrong. However, I feel that NI has a revenge factor locked in (last year Sienna won this match-up in Albany). Experience, revenge, home court, confidence and momentum.

NO Iowa -3

Coincidentally, my 2nd pick is also from the Missouri Valley Conference (a quality mid-major conference to say the least). Missouri St.

Missouri St. is rolling through the early part of their schedule. They are destroying the teams that they are clearly superior to (to include wins over Auburn, AF, and Tulsa). SMS has never lost to ArkSt. I anticipate the trend to continue.

Missouri St -3 (I always buy the .5)

Alabama is a great team! In college football. Alabama basketball is playing a powerhouse (Purdue) tonight. The tide is in trouble.

Purdue -4 on the road. J Johnson... [More]

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008 06:12 PM

Monday's Back By Popular Demand (CBB 6-4-3 YTD 60%)

YTD 6-4-3 60%
I was gone this weekend after Saturday moring so I wasn't able to place any wagers or research any Saturday evening or Sunday games.
Today I have to play against New Orleans. I painfully saw how wrong I was with the ULM game. New Orleans is simply not a good team. North Texas rolls.
Indiana losses (though by wide margins) have been to all name brand schools. The hype over the Sampson mess and drug use is just that. They should easily handle NorthEastern on their home wood.
I am off to play my Monday basketball game (intramural league). I will be back in a few hours. Good Luck to you on your bets.
as always,

Posted Saturday, December 20, 2008 01:35 PM

Saturday's Back By Popular Demand (YTD CBB 6-2-1 75%)

SPORTSFANS,   CBB YTD 6-2-1 75%   Yesterday 0-1   Took a beating with New Orleans! At one point in that game they were 2-9 from the free throw line with 7 straight misses. Oh well, it's one game. There are plenty on tap today.   Onto today's action. I love -29. When people think of Valpo, they think of the brice Drew days and shot. They remember Valpo being the Gonzaga and Davidson of old....This is a way different Valpo team! I can see UNC coasting to a 90-55 victory. I am taking both -16 1st half and -29.   SALAB -5 versus FLINT. After two back to back losses versus quality opponents. Look for SALAB to bounce back and beat up on FLINT.   OkST -4 versus Rhode Island. Two of the 3 losses by the cowboys were against Gonzaga and Mich St, the other was Washington. This game is virtually a home game for OKST. I expect them to outclass URI.   My Leans are: Va Tech -15 versus Columbia. Houston -8 versus Toledo Utah St -5 versus Idaho St.   My pending final card  (pending last minute research b4 first game tip) is:   UNC -16 1h UNC -29 SALAB -5 OKST -4   I plan to add one of my leans to cap today's bets at 5. If you noticed, I usually stay away from big games. Those are generally the sharpest of lines and the most bet by the public (e.g. Duke/Xavier, Mich St/Texas, Gonzaga/UCONN)   Best of luck tonight!   as always,   IT'S SHOWTIME  ... [More]

Posted Friday, December 19, 2008 01:37 PM

Back By Popular Demand (7-2-1 YTD 78%)

YTD 7-2-1 78%
CBB 6-1-1 87%
NBA 1-1    50%
NFL 0-0
CFB 0-0
Yesterday was a good day. 3-0 with Evansville, Niagra, and JMU (pretty much all unpopular picks). I didnt squeeze the trigger on North Texas or the Colts, oh well. I am looking to maintain the solid picks.
Onto today's action. At first glance, I am having a hard time seeing how La Monroe can win a game. They aren't playing good basketball at all this season. The only thing I can see is this being a intrastate rivalry game. As like everyday, I will do my research and analysis and be back later.
I will also look at the Lakers -7 versus the Heat.
If you have thoughts on today's action, Feel free to contribute. Your help is always considered and appreciated when I formulate my card.

Posted Thursday, December 18, 2008 06:14 AM

Back By Popular Demand (4-2-1 Official YTD 67%)

YTD 4-2-1 66%
CBB 3-1-1 75%
NBA 1-1    50%
NFL 0-0
CFB 0-0
Was only able to manage a push out of three games that came down to the last 10 seconds. No worries, it happens. I could be easily saying "phew, that was close." Nonetheless, onto tonight's games.
My early glance leans are JMU +3. For one they fall into the 3 6 13 theory. Two, these are virtually the same two teams that played in February (JMU lost 1 starter, MSU lost 2) to a 32 point JMU win. I will look further into the game though. Rest, a 12pm start, injuries, etc...
Yes we all know how great UNC is. However, Evansville is no slouch. They just beat a W Ken team by 32. W ken has wins over Louisville, UGA, and So Ill, Evansville mere setback a 16 point setback against Butler. But just like the above game..research is pending. If UNC can run run Mich St out the gym (though without Suttan) I am sure they can do the same.
If you have thoughts share them. Your comments helps with the research...
as always,

Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2008 11:46 AM

Back by Popular Demand (3-0 official YTD) Today's picks

SPORTSFANS,   YTD 3-0   CBB 2-0 NBA 1-0 NFL 0-0 CFB 0-0   If you missed yesterday's post, I am now officially posting my plays here. I have had very good sucess all season but of course without documentation, that means nothing. There are a lot of good cappers here, G&G, Bird, Big East, etc. I appreciate everyone's input and sometimes will declare a no play if the opinion on the other side is really strong.   Onto tonight's picks   Tonight I like Illinois St. -6 versus Central Michigan. Ill St. is riding high right now. There virtually 4 guard offense should be too much for C Mich and their 500 fans (yes, only 523 at their last home game).  I am locking this in sooner than later as i anticipate by tip-off it moving to about 7.5   Loyola Marymount +31 (I always buy the hook. Always!) at UCLA. UCLA has eclipsed the 80 point mark 3 times season. If LM is anywhere near their season average it will take UCLA to score over 85. Despite their record, LM will fight hard versus big brother UCLA.   In the NBA I am leaning toward the celtics. Pending the health of Pierce and if House is back. I have not looked up this information as of yet. Nonetheless, knocking off both Cleveland and Boston at home in the same week is a daunting task for the Hawks. But as I said this is only a lean for now.   Best of Investing   as always, IT'S SHOWTIME... [More]

Posted Tuesday, December 16, 2008 04:33 PM

By popular demandI must start making my picks official

Several friends have talked me into posting my picks for the world to see. I have done exceptionally well this season, however, I won't claim anything as I can't prove it. With that said, I will begin today.
Today I like U164 Tenn Marq. Marquette does not want run with Tenn. They should understand that Tenn is a weaker team in the halfcourt since the injury of J.P Prince. I don't see both teams scoring in the 80's
I like Tenn Tech +17. In order for FSU to cover the spread, Tenn Tech would have to have have their worse offensive performance of the season and/or FSU would have to have it's best. FSU is a big team that has trouble scoring but plays good defense. 17 is a stretch IMO esp with no home fans (XMAS break)
Wrong forum but i am also taking  LAC -4
AS always sportsfans....ITS SHOWTIME

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