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Posted Monday, March 15, 2010 10:33 AM

NCAA Men's BB Futures

NCAA futures (To Win NCAA Tournament):

Who do you guys got.  I think this year is as wide open as any.  I don't see any teams as the overwhelming favorite as in years past.  As much as I like Kansas and Kentucky, I think either of them could get dropped.

With that in mind.  The futures I like to win it all early on are:

Purdue +3000 (hoping Robbie coming back lifts this team)
Ohio State +1500
Kansas St. +1000
Baylor +3000
'Cuse +600
New Mexico +6000

Of the faves, UK appears to have the breeziest bracket of them all and should go straight to the Elite 8 without much of a contest. They at +300 may be worth a go.  Might as well play this at the Sweet 16 juncture though, shouldn't be that unchanged, particularly if someone does challenge them in their first 2 games.

As much as I like KU and UK I don't see this as good value (at least at this point).

What do you guys think?



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