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Posted Friday, April 12, 2013 06:06 PM

4/12/13 My picks

Tonight I have

Warriors +7.5 and the Over (I just don't see the Lakers betting a YOUNG better team by more than 7.5 points, matter of fact I doubt they win at all)

Clippers -9 (No Davis no Vasquez equals no chance for the Pelicans, Clippers should win by 15+)

Heat -12.5 (Big 3 is playing tonight and the Celtics are minus Garnett and Pierce, I just don't know where they will get the scoring from.  Sure Jeff Green can put up numbers but who is going to help him?)

Cavs +4.5 (B2B for the Knicks who lost in overtime in Chicago, I believe this will be high scoring but in the end I believe the Cavs will cover.

Posted Monday, March 11, 2013 08:15 PM

Martingale Sports Betting

Last month I did an experiment using the Martingale Progressive System while sports betting and I won $1800 dollars.  I am going to start doing it again tomorrow starting tomorrow using $770 of my earnings to get me started, which will still leave me $1030 ahead even if I lose.  I will be posting all of my plays in this thread everyday so if you would like to keep track for yourself feel free.  I am no professional in any sense of the word when it comes to capping, this is just recreation for me.  But I do strongly believe that doubling my bet everytime can work with a little research. 

Please don't come on here being negative saying things like "this won't work blah blah blah," because I don't care this isn't a career for me and this isn't my money that I will lose, it's the Cannery's lmao.


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