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Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 08:15 AM

4th Quarter System Bet 2012-2013 Season

Hey Guys,
Fairly new to Covers but thought i'd like to share a system bet that I first saw last year and picked up for this season. So far my record is 35-15-1 and will be constantly updating this thread with plays and records. The system is fairly simple:
- whenever a team wins the first 3 quarters and heading into the 4Q with a lead of atleast 10 points fade them on the spread in the 4Q (a point differential of 10 will also qualify for the system)
- the team has to win every single of the previous 3 quarter
- I will start my record as posted at 0-0
- This type of system bet does require a little more time since you need to be around to bet in-play come 4th quarter. I recommend using bet365 since they are usually the best when it comes to inplay.
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