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Posted Monday, December 15, 2014 07:58 PM

Covers Brothers Bowl Contest


Anybody can join.

Except for the glory of smashing the local sharps, no prizes.

Sides only.  One unit each game.

Sign up, brothers. 

Posted Monday, March 28, 2011 09:49 PM

NFL Sued Again

For the one or two of us interested in the minutiae of Labor law, the NFL was sued today by Carl Eller and Priest Holmes, former NFL players.  The suit represents players not currently in the league.  This includes the picks from this month's upcoming draft.  One of the league's major legal arguments against Brady, et al is that players decertified the NFLPA illegally (and, consequently, the matter should be handled by NLRB--NOT in the courts).  Since the players in the incoming draft were never represented by the players association, the suit argues that the teams have essentially locked the new players out.  This will force, the attorneys hope, the suit into the courts.  This could be a huge incentive for the league to try to make a genuine effort to settle the suit.  No matter what you made have read on Covers, the League has not made a good faith effort in these negotiations [my opinion].  If the League were to go to court and LOSE, the stakes are enormous.  The draft, free agency, salary caps and collective bargaining could disappear and potentially wipe out the very foundations of the teams' business models.

I am not an attorney but have been a Union Rep to labor negotiations in a different industry.  All of the above is my take on what happened today.  I think it's a potential game changer.

Please post the obvious below.  "F.U. NFL Players"  "They All Suck."  Blah blah blah.

Posted Sunday, January 03, 2010 10:36 PM

Kill Replay in College Football

I was in favor of it until this bowl season.  I was always of the mind that "its better that we get it right."  But hell, every replay official seems to have different criteria on what's indisputable evidence.  There were at least a dozen calls this bowl year that weren't reversed that obviously should have been.  There were other calls that were iffy that were reversed.

Plus, it slows the game down so much.  It kills the momentum.

Poster Maine Road has been on about this before, and I disagreed with him.  But I have changed my mind.

It will never happen now that the toothpaste is out of the tube, but let's kill replay.

Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 04:24 PM

Week 1 Card

Last year: didn't post picks.  May have won enough to pay for my pre-season mags, newsletters and Directv package.  Or maybe not.

Thursday: no plays.  Can't find one I like.

Friday:  Ditto.


Wisconsin -25.5

Colorado -11.5

ULL +10.5

Wyoming -11

LA Tech +8

Laying some chalk, no doubt.  I'm mainly fading Akron, CSU and Ohio.  Hard to see how they can compete.  Akron is facing a brutal Wisky OL with three returning DL from a line that gave up a ton of yards.  A penalty here, a turnover there and Wisky wins big.

If I'm Hawkins, I'm looking for a chance to welcome my new cross-state rival to the recruiting territory.  I'm running it up.  Hawkins did that at Boise with regularity.

Ohio basically blows.  Hoping it's by the 17 points I think it will be.

ULL's getting double digits against a team with a new coach and ten  returning starters.  ULL's got some skill players.  I like it.

LA Tech getting 8 at home against Miss St.  How many times have the Bulldogs been favored on the road in the last few years?   Three times?   Worth a shot.

Also, for the record, threw down some lunch money on Mizzu to win the conference (5/2) and to win the BCS (15-1).  A very favorable schedule, great returning players and lots of them.

Good luck this season. 

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