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Posted Thursday, October 09, 2008 03:59 PM

Thursday Night - Home Teams Prevail

1-0 Posted Plays (+3.0 Units)

Haven't posted since the UNC/Rutgers game but have only lost one weekday game this season and that was Tuesday night with FAU. Looking for a nice night tonight.

Clemson at Wake Forest -1.5 (2 Units)

Gotta go with the Deacons here. Clemson has been all but horrid this year and now playing their first road game. I keep hearing everyone saying Wake's run defense got exposed by Navy last week, but come on now, all Navy does is run the ball. Six turnovers for Wake in that Navy game, you won't see that again. Clemson has issues along the offensive line and I cannot put money on a team that "may" get their offense moving, much less against a decent defense on the road. Revenge factor here for Wake forest after a blowout last year at Clemson. A must win for Clemson with Bowden's job on the line doesn't help them here in my opinion. If they got down early and start taking chances, this game could get real ugly for them. Wake by 7-10 points.

UAB at Houston -18 (1 unit)
I first looked at this game and thought wow, that's a lot of points. But after looking into it, Houston should shred this UAB defense. UAB won't be able to stick with the ground game for long which only means more time for Keenum to add on a few more td's. I've heard the opposite line movement argument for taking UAB here, but depending on where you look, it opened anywhere between 17 and 20 so i find that argument null and void. Excluding the division 2 ga... [More]


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