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Posted Sunday, October 28, 2012 10:28 AM

lets get crazy today with nfl

hey guys shawny sparks here today  ok i have been away for a couple weeks sundays have been rough unable to get to a computer but here r my picks
new england -7 i just think that ne is gonna have way to much offense for the ram expect it to be close early then ne will pull away 31-13 ne win
san deigo -2,5 no way clevend wins this game yes the browns r home the dog pound it a tough place to pplay i just think with the browns best player banged up they have no shot
nyg-2.5  cowboys will have their hands full with nyg offense this is another game where i just dont think cowboys score point with nyg 
upset pick of the day
seahawk +2.5  seahawk defense is gonna be to much for matt safford  and the lions have no running game so the with be one sided and the sea hawks will have alot of sacks to day tough game but seahawks win 12-9

Posted Monday, October 22, 2012 06:05 PM

monday madness

hey guys my computer has been down for a while  but i love chi tonite  det offense is not gonna be able to score 27-10 chi wins

chi -6.5 love  it bet the house
ytd 5-1

Posted Monday, October 08, 2012 07:40 PM

Monday madness

Hey boys shawny sparks here again 
There is no way in this world that the jets bet the texans I will be putting a Huge  play on hou -9.5   And doing a small play with a 6pt teaser hou -3.5 and over 34 I don't think jets r fonna score so that's y I am not gonna go to big  I do think hou score will win this game 35-7  let's make the money  with shawny sparks 

Posted Sunday, October 07, 2012 08:24 AM

Nfl picks ytd 8-3-1

Yo guys went 4-0 last week Gonna try and do it again 
 My first pick is gonna be Cin -3 I don't think dolphins have the fire power to score with Cin 
2nd team is bears  -6 bears had a great win over Dallas on Monday and def will come back this week 

3rd pick is Bal -6 they r just to much for kc that's all I need to say
4th pick is Min -5.5  tenn is starting hassle back min def will be all over him  no time to do any hong 

Cin -3 
Bear -6
Best bet Cin  come win money with shawny sparks  

Posted Thursday, October 04, 2012 03:33 PM

They r who we thought the were

Hey guys shawny sparks is back for some Thursday night action 
I like the rams to night +1 I truly think the cardinals ain't good kolb is scared to get hit 
They are who we thought they were  the cardinals r at best 9-7 team this 4-0 crap is crazy 
I will be laying  big  2 nite with a 6pt teaser rams +7 and over 33 and also takeing rams +1 
Ok guys come check shawny sparks out on Sunday morning I will give u my 4 nfl picks then my can't lose pick of the week Thursday night ytd 3-1 let's go fellow gamblers lets make that money !!!!!!

Posted Monday, October 01, 2012 02:56 PM

Monday madness

Hey guys sry about this weekend  I thought I posted my picks and it didn't go though would happen the week I go 4-0 lol ahit happens ok guys I am gonna give u the best bet of Monday do a 6 pt teaser chi +9.5 and over 35 this is my feel good Monday pick I would pay the extra juice and get that 1/2 pt on the spread and make it 10 thanks again guys 
See ya next week  thanks for reading shawny sparks 

Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012 09:53 AM

NFL PICKS went 1-2-1 last week YTD 4-3-1

Hey guys it shawny sparks again 
I went I had a tough week last week going 1-2-1 YTD I am4-3-1 ok guys for this week I looked over alot of stuff and I have came up with San Fran -6.5 in minn u saw how bad they made Aaron Rodgers look week 1 ponder has no chance against this great def of sanfran ok on to my  2nd pick I like det -3.5 over  tenn chris Johnson isn't chris Johnson of 2009 and jack locker  just isn't cutting it my 3rd pic is Pitt-4 over Oak  Pitt is just too good to lose to oak McFadden hasn't looked good and Palmer just sucks 
My 4th pick is Cin + 3 over wash rg3 is good but I just think that Cin is gonna out score them 

Det -3.5 
Pitt -4 
Cin +3 
 My best bet is gonna be san Fran -6.5 let's go and make the money together I would like to year ur in put thanks and good luck 

Posted Friday, September 14, 2012 09:05 PM

Nfl picks Went 3-1 last week

Hey guys it shawny sparks here again had a good week last week went 3-1 with  Houston pats and broncos winning and seahawks losing a heart breaker to ari
Ok now let's start this week my first team is Oakland -1 over Miami Oakland should crush Miami and for u fantasy guys McFadden will have a big day! My 2nd pick is  Cin -7 over cle yes cle played  very good against the birds but with no joe Hayden look for aj green to have a big nite  3rd pick  is the saints -2 over carolina  Carolina look really bad against Tampa and yes the saints looked bad too but I just don't see brees  going 0-2  my 4th pick is   Hou -7 over the jags hou just have way to much fire power for the jags  


Best  bet would be   Cin-7 
Fellow me the rest of the season  give me feedback on my picks but if u fellow me we can make  money together !!!!


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