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Are the Celts capable of winning it all?

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Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2012 05:56 AM   4 comments

By beating Miami two weeks ago with their defense the C's proved that they deserved to be ranked on the top of pretty much every defensive stat that is tracked.

Their latest win over Miami last night in which the Celtics shot an incredible 61 percent from the field was much more unexpected. It was played in Miami, where the Heat boast a league best home record and even garnered such comments from LeBron as ''We left Boston feeling awful at our performance,'' continuing ''I don't feel as bad tonight. Those guys, they were locked in. Not only did they make their open shots, they made their contested shots. ... When you've got it going like that, just tip your hat off. We tip our hat off to them tonight. They won it.''

The Celts could not have found a better time to peak, with only nine games left in the regular season they sit atop their division and are well within reach of getting the No. 3 seed in the East.

Rajon Rondo is a huge part of that success as he has posted double digit assist for the 18th consecutive game, making it the longest such streak in the past 20 years. His brilliance along with Paul Pierce’s consistency, Garnett’s defensive genius and Ray Allen’s much needed hot shooting has these Celtics marked at +1800 to win it all, this considering that just two months ago the books had them marked at +3300.

Don’t be surprised if by the start of the playoffs that number changes even more.

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stevenp says:
4/12/2012 7:46:06 PM
I love the celtics. But their weakness is against a bigger, quicker squad. I think Chicago, OKC, and the Lakers come to mind. But the celtics are in that memphis grizzlies area of very dangerous and capable of just about anything. boy, do they miss kendrick perkins. and they essentially received nothing for him.
tonktime says:
4/12/2012 10:51:13 PM
one more BIG, my CELTS will shock the world.
gfoss59 says:
4/13/2012 8:48:09 PM
My beloved Celtics are probably still too old to get back back-to-back series with Miami and Chicago... but there's definitely hope.

Disagree about Ray Allen... one reason the Celtics are going so well now is, he's been injured, and sat.

Remember the NBA finals vs. the Lakers 2 years ago? Ray flat out won one game for them. But he weakened them in several others. He's smooth but soft, not great at attacking the basket and not a great passer, either.

Ray's a great shooter, but great shooters don't win championships. Defense and easy shots do. With Ray out, the C's found themselves, and given he's come back on a 6th-man role, they've continued.

Avery Bradley starts the game with energy and defense, and the Cs have three excellent jump shooters around him and Rondo... at the same time as he and Rondo have improved their shooting as well.

That and the revived play of KG in the center spot has helped.

Big vulnerabilities? Rebounding, still, and a tendency to settle for jump shots, sometimes, on offense. I smile every time KG gets down in the paint and posts up, or goes to the basket, as opposed to relying on the fadeaway that was the death of Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, and other bigs who played finesse... while Shaq dunked and won rings.

Go 4 it, Celts. The Big Three (KG, Pierce, and RAJON RONDO!) deserve another title.

Sportsbook_com says:
4/16/2012 9:40:39 AM
Rondo is by far the best player on the Celtics...this guy is amazing, still dont see them beating the Heat, OKC or L.A. in a 7 game series though
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