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Posted Friday, November 12, 2010 12:20 PM

Who turned down the Heat?

Meet the new King, same as the old King.

No one seems to know exactly what's going on in Miami, where the Heat can't beat decent teams (one victory over Orlando being the exception). They have now lost to the Celtics on the road (OK) and at home (ouch), and it appears that Jeff Van Gundy's prediction that South Beach 3 will set break the Bulls' record of 72 wins in a single season will go out with the tide. (To do that, Miami would have to go 68-5 the rest of the way.)

If the playoffs started tonight the Heat (5-4) would not even have homecourt edge in the first round of the playoffs, and it's apparent that Erik Spoelstra has his work cut out trying to get his players to buy into any kind of defensive posture.

Against good teams LeBron James has shown that he is pretty much the same player he was with the Cavaliers. He'll spend a half, perhaps 2 1/2 quarters, trying to get his teammates involved. But if the game is close in the fourth quarter, James reverts to the default and tries to hoist the team on his back on offense. It doesn't hurt to have compliant referees who buy into the NBA star system.

Also, isn't it about time we start calling them the Big Two and a Half? Dwyane Wade has kept up his end of the bargain, but Chris Bosh is little more than a spectator for long stretches and against good front lines has been as productive as an appendix. Toronto fans must have loved seeing Bosh get posterized by Rajon Rondo on Thursday night.

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