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Posted Tuesday, June 02, 2009 06:40 PM

What are the Vikings thinking?

     With Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have the best running game in the NFL. They should take advantage of that and immediately start running away from Brett Favre.         Why the Vikings are still interested in an aged QB with a bad shoulder is anyone's guess, and it's an even bigger head-scratcher trying to figure out how the Vikes think Favre has even a remote chance of surviving even the first half of the schedule.          The Vikings QB situation got even stickier a few days ago when DT Pat Williams suggested that last year's starter, Tavaris Jackson, needs to work a little harder. Coach Brad Childress went into immediate damage control, defending Jackson. Sure.          Minnesota, which has been installed as a 2.5-point favorite in 2009 opener at Cleveland at books like BetJamaica.com, might be unnerved a bit by the trade that brought Jay Cutler into the division, but the Vikes don't need to panic. If they don't like Jackson, bring in a game manager-type QB who'll get you to 10 wins again. That should be more than enough to win a weak NFC North.          They don't need Favre, even if they want him.... [More]

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