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Posted Friday, August 28, 2009 01:10 PM

Iverson? Are the Grizzlies that desperate to be relevant?

Is Chris Wallace channeling Kevin McHale?   There appears to be no other explanation for Wallace's apparent decision to sign free agent Allen Iverson, committing $3.5 million (basically what's left of the team's salary cap) this season to bring in a player that no one else has any use for.   It's not certain is Wallace has yet received his championship ring from the Lakers for shipping Pau Gasol to Los Angeles, but it should be arriving any day. Hopefully Wallace's sanity will soon follow.   The Grizzlies have no chance of making a legitimate playoff run. Betjamaica has them at +10000 to win the NBA title, the number obviously just a courtesy as no one in their right minds would touch that bet. The roster is young, and in the NBA young teams lose. But Wallace says he hopes to keep the core of O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay and Mike Conley, build around them and a few draft from now make an Atlanta Hawks-type move in the Western Conference.   And exactly how would Iverson accelerate this process?   Iverson: "I would lead by example." -- Translation: I take all the shots.   Iverson: "I work hard every day." -- Transtion: Practice? You're talking about practice!   Iverson: "I would show them how to play the game the right way." -- Translation: You guys are so bad, how much worse can I make it?   Iverson says he loves Memphis. Right. He loves it so much he's holding off signing a contract in case an 11th-hour offer from Miami... [More]

Posted Sunday, August 23, 2009 04:50 PM

Should Giants' fans be worried?

Exhibition games are the equivalent of junk mail, but ...
The Giants' loss to Chicago the other night showed some flaws in the team that is supposed to be the best in the NFC (+400 to get to the Super Bowl, Betjamaica.com).
Tom Coughlin is questioning his team's focus after a pretty-much average Bears team kicked the Giants halfway to Lake Michigan.
The O-line, minus two starters, allowed 5 sacks. The defense made the hair on Coughlin's neck stand on end. Bears fans figure that if Jay Cutler can move the ball against the Giants, the sky must be the limit in the mundane NFC North.
Meanwhile, you wonder what the Giants' record will be in a few months when the prison bars close behind Plaxico Burress. NY was just not the same team without the pain in the ass wideout last season, and it can't be comforting to Coughlin that no receiver caught as many as three passes in either of the first two exhibitions. The running game will not be as dominant without a deep threat.
The Giants benefitted last season when the Eagles were slow out of the gate and the Redskins and Cowboys both collapsed. Will they be as lucky this year? 

Posted Monday, August 17, 2009 09:59 AM

Simple: Knock down the ticket price for exhibitions

Round II of NFL exhibitions is about to get under way, and at Betjamaica.com the Dolphins give 3 at home to Jacksonville and the Giants give 3 at home to Carolina -- which is one way of saying that nobody has any idea what will happen tonight.   The NFL is so alarmed by the lack of interest in exhibitions that it is even considering lopping off a pair of preseason games and adding a 17th and 18th game to the regular season.   Here's the problem: Teams are justifiably concerned that stars in whom they have invested millions will be sent to the sidelines. They have reason to worry:   ***In 1972 Dallas QB Roger Staubach suffered a separated shoulder taking a hit in an exhibitiion, played in only four games and completed only nine passes all year. ***Ki-Jana Carter was the No. 1 overall pick in 1995, but the Bengals RB had torn knee ligaments in his third exhibition game carry and his career was cooked. ***The Bengals also got burned in 2007 when high draft pick Kenny Irons torn an ACL in an exhibition against the Lions. He's now out of a job.   The list is endless.   Here's another problem: The owners know they have a great deal because they can charge full price for exhibitions, and the public will gladly pay to see players who will be cut in a few weeks. Many teams simply make two home exhibitions part of the season-ticket plan.   Subtracting two exhibitions and adding two regular-season game means the players would ta... [More]

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