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Remember Anna Nicole Smith? She's back!!!!

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Posted Friday, December 09, 2011 11:06 AM   0 comments
Don't know about you, but there has been a huge void in my life since February 2007, when Anna Nicole Smith mixed the wrong drug cocktail and breathed her last breath at age 39 in a hotel room at a casino in Florida.

Her death was cruel irony, coming just before the big wave of reality shows made a lot of money for the likes of no-talent women like Coco (Ice-T's wife), Snookie and two generations of Kardashians. Smith was equally untalented and was more than willing to sell herself for a buck, but that was all before Jersey Shore et al, and she was forced to suffer the indignity of marrying a rich old man and waiting for him to check out before she could get her hands on serious cash.

Yes, Smith is gone, but her memory will live on -- thanks to the online Golden Palace Casino, which has announced that a new, no-doubt racy Anna Nicole Smith slot machine will soon be available to its customers. Golden Palace regrets that Smith's sexy likeness will not be seen on slots for people playing on Christmas morning, but everything should be good to go by early next year.

GP and Smith were actually somewhat joined at the hip back when Smith was on the right side of the grass. In fact, Smith allowed herself to be painted completely in gold (for her, no biggie, actually) for a Golden Palace promo that was scrapped when she took her 36 Double D's to the great beyond. The mourning period now over, GP figures it's time to roll her out again. It's not certain if Smith's painted-in-gold-and-wearing-nothing will be part of the new slot offering, but don't bet against it.

Fact is, anything that GP does with Smith's image is small potatoes compared to some of its other slot promotions, with players having been able to choose machines that include William Shatner's kidney stone, Britney Spears' pregnancy test and one that somehow combines the Virgin Mary and a grilled cheese sandwich. Guess even an 8-5 video poker machine is palatable when you get to see Shatner's kidney stone.
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