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Posted Sunday, January 29, 2012 12:23 PM

LAL to bounce back vs. MIN

I'm hearing a lot of chatter about the LAL not being able to take care of business on the road. And after last nights drubbing at the hands of MIL it's hard to argue.

But the fact remains that the LAL have a 15 game win streak vs. MIN...15!!

You have to be really smart or really moronic to play against that trend. 15 game win streak and you're getting 2pts?!!
MIN doesn't have a player capable of defending Kobe. And Love won't have his way vs. Bynum & Gasol. Rubio won't make this an easy one, as he will most definitely have his way w/ Fisher. But in the 4th Q, The Black Mamba will reign supreme.

Pounding the Lakers



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