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Posted Friday, January 22, 2010 12:45 PM

Small Time Friday (review)

Well another week of betting and finally got back on the right side. 33-30-3 ytd.

Some notes of what we learned this week: 

Pac 10: is nuts...You can not get a true read on any teams and the conference is really down.  It is best to stay away and if your going to bet go with the home team.  No one seems to be able to play on the road.

MVC: I was all over vegas stating they give to much credit to the home team in this league.  Well I was wrong.........Unless your Evansville the home team is legit in this league and throw out the numbers....Drake/Witch St/Bradley all proved they are just worlds better on their own court.

Big Ten: IU is starting to come out.  I think we are seeing what Crean will do with this program over the next 3 years.  This was a program that was raped and now they are starting to be respectful again.  Mich St. is still the class until proven different but they are not as dominate as the numbers are giving them in each game.  Watch their lines usually to high in my opinion.  Purdue should start coming back on.  And finally WOW what difference one player makes in Evan Turner....This is a very good team now...If you have not seen or read Mark Titus a walk on for Ohio St. go check it out and watch guy is very funny.

Overall betting was good this week.......I have been watching totals a lot this year. Normally I am on the lines b... [More]

Posted Friday, January 15, 2010 12:05 PM

Small Time Friday (???????Chat) Sad Note

Yesterday : 1-1-1

ytd: 14-14-2

I played a huge game last night with Zags over but did it on my iphone and did not post so no count on this site.  But counts in the pocket.

So what the hell was going on with Chatt last night?  I went from pissed to excited to pissed?  Hell my book even put it up at a lose and I had to call to get them to switch.  No issue with this but WOW what a mess!!!!!!!!

South Alabama  has went to the no bet list.  They are a vegas cock tease and I am done with them.

Okay on a sad note a player from the University of Southern Indiana (USI) died last night in a game at Kentucky Wes.  He went down on a hard foul and died later into the night.  These teams were ranked 5th and 10th in division2 in the nation.  It is a sad day for Evansville:  It makes you take a step back and realize want can happen very quickly in what is suppose to be a game.


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