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Posted Wednesday, May 26, 2010 11:51 AM

I Will Tatoo My Entire Back if Lakers Lose Tonight

Yeah you heard it right. Starting from my left shoulder all the way down to my right hip. Im talking big letters S U N S along with their team symbol. At least 4 by 4 in size. I'm going to youtube as well.

Why would I do this? I met this really obnoxious guy at the sportsbook. A older gentlemen who I assume is on the wealthier side of life. He knows I'm a really big Dallas fan so this would kill me to do this. Game 3 we got into pretty heated arrgument. I stated the Suns were EXTREMELY lucky to win. To say the least, he disagreed with me. So if Suns win, I tatoo my back. If the Lakers win, I get 4k cash.

In Game 3 Amare had one of his best games of his carrer. Add to the fact that the Suns made 21 more free throws in game 3. I repeat 21 more free throws in game 3. Yet the Suns still had a hard time putting away the Lakers. Along with this bet, Im putting a really large amount of my own money on the Lakers.

Lakers -1


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