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Posted Monday, February 10, 2014 06:23 PM

Michael Sam being compared to Jackie Robinson, Oh boy

Ironic how he says he doesn't wanted to be treated any differently to the other players in the draft yet goes out of his way to drop this bombshell.

Posted Sunday, February 02, 2014 02:19 PM

You really think the NFL will have Peyton, Their poster boy, Lose his final Super Bowl appearance?

Peyton is 37, He wont be going to the Super Bowl next year regardless of whether he wins or loses tonight considering how badly the odds will be stacked against him and his team. So with his body condition, Do you really think he could produce this sort of elite form in 2 years time? I don't.

Peyton has had two weeks to work on the game plan, That's more than enough time for him to have worked out the Hawks defense, Throw in the fact he loves facing aggressive defences. The weather conditions will help him in the sense he doesn't have to put it on his arm which apparently he isn't good enough to do what with the so called choker tag placed on him.

The other fact that really worries me is and this you can make fun of me for is, I have seen Black QB after Black QB lose Super Bowls and until one wins one in my life time, I'm not going to bet on one, I gave up when Mcnabb started puking up in the huddle with 4 minutes to go against the Eagles.

Anyway, Who's more likely to grace the ESPN website main page tomorrow morning, Manning with the words MVP next to it, Or Marshawn Lynch or Richard Sherman?

Denver -5.5 +163 is the play

Posted Wednesday, December 04, 2013 05:53 PM

When god was making Asian people, Did he forget to give them common sense?

Seriously, Asians are some of the most gullible and naive people on the planet, You can have all the book smarts you want but you cant buy common sense. No wonder why they always have a look of 'Im lost' on their faces. 

Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2013 09:40 AM

Why the hell is the Giants v Redskins, The Sunday night game still?

I thought the flex scheduling lark was in place, Why couldn't they have the Eagles v Cards or Bengals v Chargers as the NBC game? Who the hell wants to watch RGIII on primetime for the gazillionth time this year and don't even get me started on the Giants. 

Posted Tuesday, November 19, 2013 02:17 PM

Are the Panthers the best equipped team to beat the Seahawks in the Seattle during the play offs?

First off let me say this is not a jump on the bandwagon after a big prime time win sort of thread, Once i saw them beat the 49ers in SF who were coming off a bye week with Jim Harbaugh as their coach i knew this team was the real deal.
The question i have for you lot out there is, Out of these teams, New Orleans, Carolina, Detroit, Philly/Dallas/NYG and SF who has the best chance of winning a game in Seattle during the play offs?
It has to be Carolina doesn't it? New Orleans got beat out there when the Seahawks were 7-9 and if weather is a factor, The Saints and Lions chances tended to go down severely. San Francisco has shown they barely have a chance of competing in that stadium let alone winning, Plus the fact it's a division rival means it is easier to win that game also. Then you have the 3 NFC East teams, Philly are not there yet in my opinion, Defense has no identity, Offense is a bit of a gimmick and the QB situation is still up in the air. The Giants have a good shot but then the chance of them being there is the bigger question, Experience is their best ammo. Dallas has a decent chance but then there's no evidence they have a big win in them, On paper they have a chance versus everyone as shown against Denver but they don't have that big game winning mentality. 
That leaves Carolina, Solid running game, Solid passing game and good defense, Not a dome team and a hungry team with no previous play off bad memories.
... [More]

Posted Monday, November 11, 2013 02:25 PM

New Orleans opens up at -3 -115 vs the 49ers next week Lol

What's our opinion of this opening line and is it one of those reverse trap games, If there is such a thing? 

p.s. a reverse trap game is when even a square gambler realizes the line is too good to be true and then decides to bet the underdog and ends up still losing.

Posted Saturday, November 02, 2013 02:39 PM

Navy +17, Who likes this bet?

Mulling over whether to make this play, Any late advice? 

Posted Sunday, October 20, 2013 03:53 PM

What did Greg Schiano just do right there??

Kicking a fg down 14 with 5 minutes to go and at the opponents 25 yard line? 

Posted Monday, September 23, 2013 04:35 PM

Why are modern day women so odd? What the hell do they actually want?

Recently i was going through a dry spell, I had been single for 3 months however was actively going out. I then come across this 7/10 brunette, big melons, Either Irish or Jewish descent, You know the type. 
So we text each other for a few days and stuff before i decid to go in for the kill and arrange a get together, She started dancing around the issue a bit and uncharacteristically i got angry and just said get lost to her, I wasn't in the mood for a yes/no, yes/no type, Either go out with me or stop talking to me.
The next morning she texts me to meet up with her at lunch time and how she was sorry and how she wanted to go out with me but wasn't 100 % sure at the time. I go out with her on the date, I make some in roads and then we end up going to a hotel 2 days later to end the dry run. 
2 days later i go out again with some friends and with my respect for women withering, I was not my usual self towards the women in the bar, I just couldn't be bothered to say hello,hi. Yet it seemed my distance was an attraction, I usually have to work the charm to get a woman to give me her number and even then my record would be 55 % at best.
I know the media has f-ucked up modern society in general, Lack of respect for elders etc but the fact that women find men who are angry or bad or rugged more attractive than nice men has me puzzled and just a little disappointed.
Is it just me fellas? ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:51 AM

Do we ignore the Patriots receivers issues this week because of the extra days to prepare?

The Patriots line opened up at -9.5 +110 on pinnacle during the first quarter of the Seahawks/49ers game and has been bet down to 7. Now usually when a line move of that nature happens i completely ignore the situation because the line has drifted down to a key number where nothing good can happen but how can you ignore Bill Belichicks preparation skills? He is up there with only 2/3 coaches in all of sports who given extra days to prepare and a home game, Will beat any team in their league.

I don't actually think the Bucs are as bad as people think but the issues they have internally don't give you much confidence betting them in this spot.

Patriots -7, Off of a long week vs a mediocre side who are having issues in their camp, Only suggests one play in my opinion. 

If you're backing Tampa this week, Whats your reasons?

Posted Sunday, July 14, 2013 01:10 PM

I want to feel sorry for Black people today but...

I just can't, To hear some of the stuff Black people have been writing on facebook and twitter is mind boggling, Whether it be athletes or regular folk.

They have been intimidating non Black people in the western world for decades, Whether it be day to day casual or whether it be with crime. To hear them talk as if they are complete victims in the overall scheme of things is laughable, I have complete sympathy with Trayvon's family because they are the genuine victims in all of this but Black people don't seem to be able to connect the dots, When your culture views thug behaviour and violence as a normality, Occasionally from time to time you will come across a paranoid non Black who will kill to save his own property or family members.

The other thing that has been bothering me and I wanted to find an avenue to ask my American friends was, Is it me or have race relations between Whites and Blacks deteriorated under Obama significantly more than before his reign? Of course things will never be 100 % rosy and there were issues before Obamas time but from an outsiders perspective the whole have a Black president idea has not worked out well in more than one way.

Posted Tuesday, July 02, 2013 04:18 PM

Have some people taken the 'gamble' out of gambling?

I was reading a thread in the MLB forum last night and there was a guy who said he only feels comfortable betting -175 or bigger faves because they have a better chance of winning than taking a risk on an underdog which in his words, Rarely come in. 
I don't want to name the guy nor make this about him because it's not but as i was reading his thread it struck me that a lot of people bet like that and i was at one stage guilty of betting like that. The theory i am talking about is when you to try to be on the defensive and only make bets you think are as close to a 'sure' thing, In other words in your own mind not taking one iota of risk. 
The question is how do some gamblers get themselves into that frame of mind ? I'm not saying a -175 fave never wins nor are they bad to bet on but if you are not willing to take a small risk then why are you in this game? Why do good coaches and managers take more risks than the mediocre coaches? because they believe the reward will outweigh the risk. 
If you were to use the NFL and a NFL coach as a comparison to a guy who only bets on -175 or bigger faves you would get a guy who punts the ball on 4th and 1 at the opposition 38 yard line and you would get a guy who with a 4 point lead and 1.20 minutes to go play prevent defense. 
My thought process of knowing if i'm getting value or not is having a pre-determined line and total for each event and then when i see the line, I ask myself are the odds reflecting ... [More]

Posted Wednesday, June 26, 2013 03:28 PM

Federer also gets knocked out, What a joke of a tournament it's been so far...

I was a tad disappointed with the Nadal result since it would have been good to watch a possible Murray-Nadal semi but at the end of the day i thought Darcis played well and upsets happen. Then when Tsonga, Cilic, Isner, Sharapova and Wozniacki get knocked out today through injury and slipping on court to pick up injuries, I'm sitting there thinking as much as i enjoy a cinderella story this has all gone a bit over the top. 
Federer got beaten fair and square which i have no qualms about however i do have a sneaky feeling it's all part of a 'Help Murray' get to the final as safely as possible campaign. 
The question is why haven't the tournament organizers been up to date with player conditioning? If Tsonga, Nadal, Isner and Cilic were all carrying little knocks why couldn't they have made it public or asked them to skip the tournament altogether instead? I am not making this thread out of frustration through losing a bet, I had Lu over 9.5 games and the Brown/Hewitt over so no issues there. 
My question is do we really want to see the likes of Verdasco, Stakhovsky and Gulbis? It was almost embarrassing to hear Boris Becker and Mcenroe talk about how this had never happened in any grand slam before and they weren't talking about it in a positive manner.
Del Potro, Berdych, Murray and Djokovic have some baggage to carry now if they are going to make this tournament worth remembering for the right reasons and btw Sharapova just had a dig at the tourna... [More]

Posted Friday, June 21, 2013 07:07 AM

Just when you thought Kanye West couldn't get any dumber..

He and his White partner, Kim Kardashian have chosen to name their baby North, So the kid will be called North West.

I'm lost for words, I really am.


Posted Wednesday, June 19, 2013 03:49 PM

Dumb question but how do you handicap golf?

I watch golf every now and then however have never seen the point of betting on it to make a profit, I would always put my money on Tiger to win at +500 and then end up watching some South African ponce win it at odds of +15000. 

I'm aware of the different types of bets that are around in golf but my question would be for a rookie golf bettor, What is the nearest to spread betting and ml betting in golf? and also how do you gauge how a player is performing going into a tournament? 

If you see this thread and you're a golf junkie or a regular please chip in, Everyone's opinion will be gold dust because i love watching golf but have no clue how to bet on it and make money. 

Posted Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:01 AM

Is Grigor Dimitrov trying to sleep his way to the top?

The hype around this kid is incredible, He has a decent serve and a few flashy shots but he is very average returning serve and very rarely comes out on top in long rallies. My question is if he wasn't Maria Sharapovas groupie would he get the same love? Every time I've seen this guy play a 'big' match he is fallen short, I didn't catch that Djokovic match where he won.

I hate the way commentators talk about his serve as if it's come down from the moon or something, Virtually every tennis player that's half decent has a good serve for pete sake. In my opinion if he were to break up with Maria he would fade into the background, His tennis game doesn't impress me yet, Of course there is potential but every top 40 tennis player has potential.

Posted Friday, June 07, 2013 05:28 PM

Guys, Can we please just ignore Scalabrine's race debate threads from now on?

The guy clearly hates white people, He clearly has been let down sometime during his life by a white person and clearly has not gotten over it. That has built up this incredibly disturbing and obsessive resentment towards white people and has developed this incredibly weird paranoia that whites hate blacks. 

All the regular posters on here are aware of his game, Troll the net for some story about a black person being arrested harshly and then use that as a platform to create a thread, Keep bumping the thread to make sure everyone see's it and so on. 

From now on if Scalabrine makes a new thread which fits the above criteria can we just ignore it to try and neutralize him, Look at how many of these type of threads he has going in the GD forum right now. 

I will bump this thread every so often just to let new posters aware of him, This is no personal attack on Scal because up until recently he was not on a rampage but something has made him go into meltdown recently with this 4/5 thread barrage of anti white drivel. 

Posted Saturday, April 20, 2013 07:37 AM

What happened to that fertilizer plant tragedy in Texas??

I didn't see it get reported once yesterday on fox or cnn/bbc, I know there was a manhunt on but that was just as bad of a tragedy.

I saw that video of the dad who was recording the blaze on his phone and then the explosion goes off as he was recording, Some people were reported saying it felt like the end of the world, Just terrible stuff.

Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 08:31 AM

Line predictions for Heat @ Cavaliers

If the Pacers were -7 @ Cleveland and won in a rout, The Heat have to be laying -10.5 +, Anything under 10 and the line is fishy imo. 

I personally think the Heat win tonight in a rout and then are made -17 faves against Detroit on Friday and end up definitely not covering maybe losing, Streaks very rarely get snapped against good opposition simply because the team on the streak step their game up for example Denver last night. 

Posted Friday, January 25, 2013 10:29 AM

I just don't get this foot fetish business...

I was watching one of these call in shows last night where the birds are on the phone to callers and they get requested to shake/move their bits about every which way possible and they have a messaging service down at the bottom of the screen where you can text in your requests etc. As there was this one hot brunette on i kept the channel on for more than the usual and i would say every 4 out of 5 texts were 'hi babe, get ur shoes off for the lads so we can those feet' or ' i bet you have nice feet, any chance i can see them hun', You get my point. 

My question is what can be so good about a womans feet??? Bum, Tits, Lips and the holy grail i can understand, But how can feet turn you on?? 

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2013 04:47 PM

What's our opinion on this Manti Te'o guy and this hoax story???

I just read about this story and i'm struggling to understand how a college football player has to settle for getting a girlfriend off the internet. There's other aspects to the story which have me baffled as well like how do you establish someone as your girlfriend when you haven't met them???? I can understand falling for someone over the internet and saying i'm interested in this girl but how does a mentally sane person label someone my girlfriend when you haven't met them?? 

What's our take on this story guys, Am i just being a skeptic and does the guy deserve sympathy for having a hoax pulled on him or does this story smell??

Posted Saturday, December 15, 2012 12:48 PM

Is there a recurring theme to the root of all these horror story type killings??

Let me go back to the Jovan Belcher story, Reports have come out in the past few days that the reason he went off was because he had doubts as to whether he was the biological father of his daughter. Now you could make the case that there's a gazillion other men out there who have doubts as to whether they are the real father of their girlfriends kid and they don't go off on a killing spree, True but there will have been plenty of minor cases which didn't have as bad an ending as this. 
Then I go onto another story, A few months back someone made a thread on here with a link to a story of a man killing his 2 daughters and himself after he and his wife were going through a bad divorce and their were issues over custody. I can't remember the exact details but if i could hazard a guess it was in the Pennsylvania area I think.
This brings me to Lanza, Listening to Fox News today, It says that both brothers took their Parents divorce in 2009 badly and although Ryan hasn't been as badly affected he was still hit by it. Now to Adam, He had multiple personality disorder, Had a loner style life during school and was struggling with autism. However, Of course this is all speculation and guess work but had his Parents not divorced would this of still taken place??? 
I'm hearing people blame guns and the legality of them in the US, How about we take a look at modern societies view on Marriage and the lack of seriousness in which it's viewed at.
Maybe if we didn't ma... [More]

Posted Friday, December 14, 2012 10:04 AM

Where is Vanzack Lol

On your trip to England if i recall you came across an Indian bloke working at a fish market who had a certain song to attract customers and you dropped the link to the youtube page for him singing it whilst at work. Well that Indian guy recently entered our equivalent of American Idol and has launched an o-fish-al version to his song, It's been all the rage apparently and has a shot at being number 1 in the charts for xmas. I turned on the music channels today hoping to see some Black chicks shaking their butts in a hip hop video but since the hip hop channels were filled with egotistical, paranoid, shallow Black dudes just yapping away the usual rubbish, I switched over to the mainstream music channels and there was your boy Lol.


Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 02:52 PM

Paging Vanzack and Club Dirt

What just happened there??? He was down, It was a td, Review it and overturn it??? Surely???

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