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Posted Thursday, February 23, 2012 08:41 AM

Funny Carlos Tevez spoof talking about Roberto Mancini


If you dont follow European Football you probably wont find this funny so dont say I didnt warn you. 

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2012 11:49 AM

4 hooded youth's just parked there car outside my house...

Got out of the car, Walked down towards the end of my road and circled the road and then walked back down via another entrance to my road and drove away. 2 Black boys and 2 White boys, They looked around 18/19 the lot of them. The car they were driving looked stolen and the way they got out of the car was clearly as if they were looking for someone or If they were looking for a house to burgle. I was watching this unravel from my room since I was on covers at the time this was taking place.
They were all hooded up and quite frankly they all looked like thugs and they certainly dont live around this area because I know a lot of my neighbours pretty well and I live in a good area. The only reason I'm concerned is because opposite of my house lives an elderly woman and she lives alone so If those bastards think of robbing a house they would have a field day at hers, Plus she Is the kind of old lady that seems to open the door to everyone which In one way Is good because she Is social and communicates with her neighbours frequently but also bad in another way.
Just a final question, If they park there car outside my house again and wander off down the road all hooded up, Do I have a case of calling the Police and letting them know about these guys or will I need to wait until they have actually robbed someone's house or done something worse before I can do that so that I dont come across as If I'm panicking or I'm stereotyping them for being hoodies.
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