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Posted Sunday, September 20, 2009 08:15 AM

Panthers and Falcons what an easy play...

..on the Panthers to break out of the funk and get back to last seasons form (before the Cards game).  Yes Jake is Over paid and so is Peppers, but under all that wasted greenery is a solid team that still has the potential to go into Hotlanta and put to rest all the talk of a disappointing season already.  Jake knows that if he does not play the kind of error free ball that is needed now he will lose his job to of all people, AJ "touchy" Feely. The will step up and Jake will either step up as well or step out.
According to my bro who lives in Charlotte, the natives are very restless concerning Jake and John Fox, not to mention the displeasure that they missed out on Garcia and landed the aforementioned Feely. yes its early in the season, but for the Panthers this is a seriously important game on many levels.
Mark it down, Panthers +6 as well as a play on the Cats SU. 


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