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Posted Thursday, June 20, 2013 05:31 AM

Public Bloodbath in Game 7

I have been gambling on sports for many years. In every sport over the course of a season there are often a handful of opportunities that present themselves which allow a sharp gambler to take advantage of “public ineptitude”. What is public ineptitude you ask? Public ineptitude is very simple. The average sports gambler gambles for several reasons.  Some of them are action junkies, some enjoy the fun an entertainment aspect and some just have addictions that they simply can’t get away from. Regardless of their reasoning, these types of gamblers are the ones who usually attempt to win money with parleys, teasers, heavy favorites etc. They often chase their losses and have no problem laying chalk in any sport. The problem with this type of gambler is that they don’t have a plan, system or enough money management skills to be successful. The majority of their bets are made with no rhyme or reason and the majority of them rely almost solely on emotion and the perception of what they have recently seen to make their wagers. For example, Team X just blew out Team Y by 20 points. Because of this the average gambler will now be happy to lay -10 on an inflated number during Team X’s next game against Team Z. Bookmakers use the trick of recent perception all the time, often creating attractive lines that easily fool the public into making mistakes and losing money in the process, hence the term public ineptitude.



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