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Posted Sunday, November 28, 2010 10:32 AM

Is it just me who......

finds the card for the NFL later today to be incredibly hard?

This whole year has been tough for me to cap.  I'm normally up over 7 units by now and am only up a little over 1.3 (mostly cause I've been conservative and the injuries and such).  But geez, the injuries on these teams early in the season hurt me big time in being able to find a gem. 

With later injuries, coaching changes/fires 

This sport  is  usually my best sport to cap (along with college FB) but I'm doing better at NBA this year!!!! (up over 8 units)- for me that's good!!  I don't want to force action because 'football is what I know best' but dangit this is irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are my leans...and trust me if I play any of these they will be dirt small cause  I just can't seem to get the angle or edge I used to in previous years:

Titans (gasp!)
Bucs (stronger play)

Those are my leans.  Obviously, I won't be playing all these, but the lines had me leaning.  Additionally, I won't force action.  So, if any of you have a strong representation for either side of these or another play I may have missed, I may just sit tomr out in NFL.
So convince me or else I'll have to help Hubby with outside Christmas deco work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. I gotta do housework too so plz be constructive!)


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