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Posted Wednesday, December 14, 2011 12:23 PM

tebow or newton

AHHHH my team has been so consistent all year ending 9-4 in head to head league and accumulated the most overall points with Newton at the helm. My gut is telling me to start Tebow this week over Newton, for a few reasons. Newton has Houston who has a stout rush and pass defense and I can see this game being rather close, with a lot of rushing attempts by both teams, limiting his passing numbers. Tebow faces the worst pass defense in the league and an average at best rush D IMO. Denvers D is good but I can't see them shutting down the Pats offense for 4 quarters, meaning Tebow will be on the field often, and throwing more then usual. Should I roll with faith and ride the Tebow train or stick with old reliable Newton who got me to this point?


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