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Posted Thursday, December 08, 2011 05:26 PM



For whatever reason Pitt has been less than interested when playing the bottom tier teams this year thus costing their ats backers. They beat KC by 4, Jack by 4 and Indy by 3.Favored by double digits in all 3. Not very impressive to say the least. I'll take my chance Pitt is less than interested in this one as well.

Posted Monday, October 10, 2011 06:11 PM


13-19 ytd

Congrats to all the Packer backers last night. I should have known that line was to good to be true when I saw it. Books sucked me right in with that tasty home dog and took my cash. All I got to see was the first half and if you would have said the ATL won't score another point in the 2nd half I would have said you were crazy.

Monday Night:

DETROIT LIONS - 6 (-128)

 Don't have the confidence to lay the 7 and I need a win tonight so I'm treading lightly on this one fellas. I'm not sold on this Detroit team and lost a big play playing against them last week at Dallas as I thought it was the perfect spot for them to finally have their streak broken. Their streak you ask? They haven't lost a game to the spread since November of last year. I forget how many and don't want to look it up but if I remember correctly its like 14 straight games now. I'm usually one that says the trend is your friend and if it aint broke don't try to fix it so I guess I won't try tonight. In capping this game however I see that the Bears defense was flat torn up by Cam and the Panthers last week as they went up and down the field with ease. I'm a Cam fan but he's not 1/2 the QB that Stafford is at this time. Stafford and Johnson may be the best combo in the league and I see some big plays looming tonight. Normally I would be all over the Bears as the handsome divisional dog getting a full TD on Monday night but that got me nowhere last night so&nbs... [More]


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