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Posted Saturday, September 07, 2013 10:35 AM

My System Results. Now what... ?

I went public with my MLB system this year... and I had great success every month, and I'm way, way ahead for the season. My results:
Overall Season Totals
System: 45-2 (95.83%)Overall: 45-33 (57.69%)Profit: 42.06 unitsROI: 27.97%
By month:
AprilSystem: 6-0 (100%)Overall: 6-8 (42.86%)Profit: 8.02 unitsROI: 22.43%
MaySystem: 8-1 (88.89%)Overall: 8-8 (50%)Profit: 3.70 unitsROI: 13.72%
JuneSystem: 7-0 (100%)Overall: 7-5 (58.33%)Profit: 7.14 unitsROI: 31.34%
JulySystem: 9-1 (90%)Overall: 9-5 (64.29%)Profit: 6.78 unitsROI: 31.39%
AugustSystem: 12-0 (100%)Overall: 12-8 (60%)Profit: 13.42 unitsROI: 35.45%
September (so far)System: 3-0 (100%)Overall: 3-1 (75%)Profit: 3 unitsROI: 54.95%
It's a simple 3 game chase for teams to avoid sweeps. I love baseball and numbers.. and I've found my niche with combining the two into a useful hobby. Being a calculus teacher, I apply my knowledge of numbers and statistics to stay consistent and organized.
This 2013 MLB season was experimental... but next year I plan on starting with a bankroll to make a nice profit during the summer months. I already have an account at Heritage Sports. Any helpful suggestions from the covers community? Anything would be appreciated. 
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