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Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2012 01:45 PM

Monday Night Controversy: The Aftermath

1. There were numerous bad calls both ways on Monday Night Football.  The most egregious error came on the final play, but there were all kinds of officiating miscues throughout the game, and the fourth quarter in particular.

Let’s not forget the bad pass interference call on Kam Chancellor that kept the Packers lone touchdown drive of the game alive – they’d have been forced to punt otherwise, trailing by one, midway through the fourth quarter.

And there’s no possible way you can convince me that later in that same drive, Aaron Rodgers third down run that was ruled short of the first down marker should have been overturned to give the Packers the first down, instead of forcing a field goal attempt.

2. From a betting perspective, Green Bay was not the ‘right side’.  Neither was Seattle.  It was a classic NFL ‘coin-flip’ type game; one of many each week.  Yes, Packers bettors got the wrong end of a truly ‘tough’ beat.

But a ‘bad beat’?  Not in this game, I’m afraid.  Bad beats are reserved for when ‘right sides’ lose at the end.

Green Bay scored 12 points; getting only one offensive touchdown all game.  How much would you have bet against the Packers prior to kickoff if you knew they would finish the game with 12 points?  Seattle played stout defense and ended up with a pair of big play touchdowns.  That’s what wins games in the NFL!

3. The regular refs suck too!  How many controv... [More]

Posted Monday, September 24, 2012 01:53 AM

Teddy's Vegas Wiseguy Report: 2-0 Teams

This week, I focused my attention on the six NFL teams that entered Week 3 with undefeated records.  Contenders?  Pretenders?  Read on to find out my take!


Randy Moss was targeted repeatedly here but he didn't make many plays.  And this team is not taking 'big play' shots down the field; nothing but short, high percentage routes against the Vikings Cover-2.  Normally, San Fran is consistently in third and short situations thanks to the strength of their running game.  And with Alex Smith very capable of making short, accurate throws, they're going to be converting third downs at a high percentage all season long. 

But this OL is better run blocking than they are pass blocking -- Smith was forced out of the pocket repeatedly today by the Vikings pass rush.  And for whatever reason, the Niners came out passing instead of running: nine throws on their first ten plays from scrimmage; finishing the game with nearly a 2:1 pass-to-run ratio.  When Smith finally threw deep, trailing by eleven with less than three minutes to... [More]

Posted Monday, September 17, 2012 02:46 AM

Teddy's Vegas Wiseguy Report: 2nd Year QBs

Last week, I focused on the five rookie starting QB's behind center on opening day.  This Sunday, continuing the theme, I spent the afternoon watching the five QB’s drafted in the first 35 picks last year, all of whom are now starters.  I tried to evaluate each QB within the context of his team -- no QB can be successful without the complimentary pieces of the equation surrounding him, both on offense and on defense.  Here are my thoughts:



Andy Dalton was the only rookie QB ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2012 01:28 PM

Teddy's Vegas Wiseguy Report: Rookie QB's

With an NFL record five rookie starting QB's behind center on opening day, I spent the first Sunday of the regular season watching these youngsters very carefully. I tried to evaluate each QB within the context of his team -- no QB can be successful without the complimentary pieces of the equation surrounding him, both on offense and on defense.  Here are my thoughts:


Cleveland’s defense held Michael Vick to a QB rating of 25.4.  They forced five turnovers, returning one for a score and setting up all three Browns offensive scores.  Their defensive playmakers made huge plays, most notably CB Joe Haden and LB D’Qwell Jackson, and Michael Vick was positively pummeled by the Browns pass rush. 

And yet the Browns still found a way to lose.  With the game on the line late in the fourth quarter – boom, a dropped INT in the end zone that would have clinched the game.  And there’s no sugarcoating this performance from Brandon Weeden, the worst looking of all the rookie QB’s in the preseason and the worst looking of all the QB’s in his first ‘real’ start.

On Weeden's first drive, he missed a wide open receiver in the end zone; the Browns had to settle for three following an Eagles turnover in Cleveland territory.  On his third drive he took a hit and fumbled, but it was called back by a Philly penalty (one of many).  Then the turnover barrage started; one bad decision after the next.  Weeden was clearly f... [More]

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