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Fantasy Football Week 6

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Posted Tuesday, October 09, 2012 03:20 AM   7 comments
I'm finding that Fantasy Football is a difficult game. I'm playing with a bunch of veterans, and suffice it to say, my first year into the fray has not been kind. I was doomed this week the second that Robert Griffin III was concussed. I didn't actually lose by much, but am now just 1-4, succumbing 88.82 to 84.04 to my opponent. For a third straight week, Hakeem Nicks was a late scratch, while Chris Johnson once again took a step back.

This week Jacksonville is on a BYE, so I got rid of it and grabbed Cincinnati which is at home to the Browns this weekend. I also got rid of WR Justin Blackmon and picked up WR Andre Roberts, in case Nicks is once again unable to go this weekend.

Offensive Standouts were

WR Percy Harvin: 23.60

W/R Robert Meachem: 18.70

TE Tony Gonzalez: 18.30

Offensive Disappointments were:

QB Robert Griffin III: 0.34

RB Chris Johnson: 0.90

RB Jackie Battle: 1.70

WR Steve Smith: 4.00

Here is this week's starting lineup, and my current bench:

QB: Peyton Manning

RB: Chris Johnson

RB: Darren McFadden

WR: Percy Harvin

WR: Hakeem Nicks (hopefully)

TE: Tony Gonzalez

W/R: Robert Meachem

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski

Defense: Cincinnati Bengals


QB: Robert Griffin III

WR: Steve Smith (BYE)

RB: Ben Tate

RB: Jackie Battle

WR: Lance Moore (BYE)

WR: Andre Roberts

My opponents lineup this week:

QB: Christian Ponder

RB: LeSean McCoy

RB: Trent Richardson

WR: Julio Jones

WR: AJ Green

TE: Martellus Bennett

W/R: Brandon Lloyd

Kicker: Lawrence Tynes

Defense: Vikings

There is a real chance I could be moving to 1-5 this week.

Would you substitute Ben Tate for Chris Johnson if he is in fact able to go this weekend?

I know the "projected fantasy points" is a pretty useless function, but both Tate and Battle have more "projected fantasy points" than Johnson does this coming week.

My fear of course is, I'll take Johnson out of my lineup, only for him to have a big day vs. Pittsburgh. That said, the Steelers looked pretty darn solid last week in beating the Eagles 16-14.

Any help or advice you may have I'd love to hear.

Thanks a lot.
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Covers-Team says:
10/9/2012 1:18:38 PM
Nicks should be starting and Tate doesn't appear to be ready yet. You're team looks good but I don't think you have any choice but to play Johnson. Battle is Matthews' backup who finally had a great game. He would be a risky play coming off of Matthews' big game.

Also, if he is starting Ponder that works great for you, Harvin will be his main target and you starting him will take away those points.

You will win this week. Got a good feeling.

wetbandit4 says:
10/10/2012 2:34:17 AM
I spend a lot of time playing fantasy football and have a record of 41-4 with 2 chips over last 3 years. League is 300 plus fees so legit players. I would NEVER bench a top rated player at WR.,RB,QB. I consider top 15 point guys in wideout and backs and top 4-7 QBs always MUST start unless hurt. Again this is just my opining but I NEVER play "fantasy defense" by using QB to counter skill spot (it never works) if you cant send your team out and think win then make moves. Add "W2L" players I use valuable WR (20-35) as my Win 2 Loss tools. Like kerley with no other WR avail for jets n figured they play behind or guys like Decker, Alshon.,Hawkins, and any other upside WR who has been targeted but has extra value for week like #1 injury or slot spot guy on team who has WR with top5 points and team throws 30+ times everyweek. As to your Pitt def looking like run stoppers, any defnse would look like all pro RB killers if like the eagles only ran the ball on 4 and 1 or. Sweeps inside 5yd line . The answer is eagles running game is nonexsistent until its to late ( look at run/pass plays vs browns and ravens) guys who have monster fantasy week generally don't wait tip 4th qtr or even half thru 3rd to getpoints. You have no doubt great starts in gonzo, manning, mcfadden., harvin. I hope your league gives points for individual player KR PR tds? If so you have W2L points with percey. I would guess team your playing is first in points and has blown out stleast half of teams he played? He has a great squad in my opinon and would say he win chip but idon't know other teams/scoring rules. Still his team has Trent (1TD and 80 every week atleast every week rest way and his wideouts added to 1of his 2 RB will beat a team by themselves one week if they havent already? I would think bout selling mccoy high with low player for #12-17 RB and D thomas or decker) just a quick possible deal example. Good luck and hope atleast one opinon helps!.? Oh, battle be good TD redzone back and real #2 or flex start option if Matthews fumbles again! Norv will bench RB no matter talent if he losses ball and lease is short fyi. with novel?
lmstudfosho says:
10/10/2012 2:43:58 AM
Bench C Johnson
The_Dragon says:
10/10/2012 4:55:53 AM
Here is an interesting stat that I hadn't shared before.

I was 1-3 coming into this weekend. I actually had more points FOR than against (it was a 1.04 differential). Yet I still sat at 1-3.

I'm 1-4 on my points for and against are:

FOR: 435.94 AGAINST: 440.46

wetbandit4: You are clearly a veteran Fantasy Football Player. My opponent does have a strong squad, but if you can believe it, he's also just 1-4.

The top team in my leagues starting lineup is:

QB: Eli Manning

RB: Fred Jackson

RB: BenJarvus Green-Ellis

WR: Steve Johnson

WR: Demaryius Thomas

TE: Kyle Rudolph

W/R: Calvin Johnson

Kicker: Justin Tuckers

Defense: San Francisco 49ers


QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB: Andre Brown

RB: Frank Gore

WR: Armon Binns

TE: Heath Miller

Imstudfosho: So would you start Battle? I think I have to play Johnson don't I?

Jungle_Kat says:
10/10/2012 1:29:54 PM
Well, you probably are right, you are in serious trouble this week, but I may be able to help you out. First, go get William Powell for Jackie Battle. Nitwit Norv is obviously going to use Matthews 80% of the time or more. Chris Johnson, well, what can I say? I have him on one of my teams and can't get rid of him. No one will trade for him, so he is just dead weight. Start Powell and DMF at RB's. Now, you need to go out and pick up Chris Givens STL and play him instead of Nicks. Even Mario Manny is a better play than Nicks. I'd get rid of Tate, Battle, Roberts, and Moore. I don't trust any one NO WR, but Colston will be the #1, if he is available. You have several guys on waivers that will do better. I went 14-1 two of the last 3 weeks on 5 different sites: ESPN, NFL, FOX, CBS, $ Yahoo, and most of them have a variety of player/point formats. Good luck this week. I actually made between 1 and 5 changes to every single team this week. You have to learn to adjust and rotate your bench with hot players. Always watch the match-ups, but weight them by looking at who they have played the last 5 games, and those teams tendencies.
celliot says:
10/12/2012 8:10:47 PM
don't give up on Chris Johnson, he started slow last year as well
The_Dragon says:
10/12/2012 8:48:58 PM
celliot: I didn't. He actually got 11.40 points for me this week.

It was more than what the fantasy points projector thought, and I'm very happy with that.

Now my concern going into Sunday is this.

If Hakeem Nicks is able to play, should I play him against the 49ers defense?

I also have Andre Roberts of the Cardinals, who is getting a lot of looks this year with so much attention put onto his teammate Larry Fitzgerald. Now Arizona is playing Buffalo this weekend, which obviously has a terrible secondary.

What do you guys think?

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