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Posted Thursday, October 14, 2010 06:46 PM


Just finished my write ups accidentally got deleted, going point form, had to sweat out that 2H over yesterday despite getting 14 in theearly minutes of the 3rd. I'm as COLD as the weather here in MONTREAL, going LARGE I don't know why?  Maybe because I'm a degenerate, but I'm fading myself tonight as i was leaning WV and KANSAS; TAIL/FADE at your own risk. 

2010 CFB 21-14-0  63%;+21.9U
LARGE 5-6-0 -18 U 44%

-They stunk it up to the ORANGE and I'm only getting 10!?  I should be getting another TD at least.
-WV SLOPPY play keeps the BULLS in this one.  Last year under the lights against COLORADO, they had 5 fumbles (4 lost) and got backdoored with about 10 seconds left or so.  My remote almost went through my TV and I said it was the last time I'd play this team in PRIMETIME.
-This year they had 1 fumble against UNLV, 3 fumbles (1lost), against MARSHALL, 3 fumbles (2 lost) and an INT against MARYLAND and 2 TO's against LSU.
-No matter what the score is, WV will keep the BULLS in this one.

K ST -135 (7.5U) LARGE
-If this were basketabll I'd be rockin some JAYHAWK CHALK, but since it ain't I'll roll with the WILDCATS

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2008 03:26 AM


New to the forum guys, but let's give it a go.
Early leans
Pitt -10.5
Over 34.5

-Cincinatis O-line is banged up. Harrison and the boys will have a sack and turnover fest setting up points for pitt.

-It scares me how cincy was only able to put up 10 points off 4 phili TO's. It won't be any easier against the pitt defense and especially if Big Ben can limit his mistakes.

-Expect Willie to have a big game rushing against a D that allows 131.0 ypg(23rd) in the league.  This essentially will set up 3rd and shorts, opening up screen and playaction plays for the steelers.

Also Adding 10 pt teaser
O 24.5
Miami/GT U 51

BOL to all let's get that green.


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