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The best active athletes not to win a title

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Posted Sunday, May 02, 2010 05:44 PM   16 comments
It seems some elite athletes are just snake-bitten.

Despite dominating their leagues throughout their careers, some can't catch a break when it comes to winning a league title.

Such legends as Dan Marino, Karl Malone, Ted Williams and Marcel Dionne never tasted championship champagne.

Here's five of the top active long-time stars still searching for their first victory parade.

Randy Moss

The dynamic receiver has led the NFL in touchdown receptions five out of his 12 seasons in the league but is still seeking his first Super Bowl ring. Moss looked like he'd nab the elusive championship in 2007-08 when he and the Patriots were undefeated in the regular season, but New England lost the Super Bowl to the Giants.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

While Griffey's numbers have certainly gone down later in his career, he will still go down in history as one of baseball's best home run hitters. Yet, he hasn't even come close to winning a World Series championship during his lengthy career. In fact, Griffey's teams have only won one playoff series during his 22 years in the Majors. Spending eight-plus years in Cincinnati certainly didn't help his cause.

Joe Thornton

The Sharks forward is perennially one of the top scorers in the NHL during the regular season, but that success does not carry into the playoffs. Thornton, who has averaged more than a point per game in his career, has notched only 57 points in 83 career postseason contests. Thornton's teams have never advanced past the second round of the playoffs.

LaDainian Tomlinson

L.T., a five-time Pro Bowler and former MVP, and leads all active NFLers in rushing yards and touchdowns. Despite those stellar career numbers, he hasn't been able to lead the Chargers to the Super Bowl. Tomlinson has averaged a yard less per carry during his seven postseason contests than he has during his regular-season career.

Dirk Nowitzki

Nowitzki's Mavericks are the only team in NBA history to win 50-plus games in 10 consecutive years and not win a championship during that time. But don't point the finger at Disco Dirk. He averages more than 25 points a game in his playoff career, including 27 points a game in 2006 when the Mavs lost the NBA Final in six games to the Heat. Perhaps Nowitzki, a potential free agent this summer, needs to leave Dallas to secure his elusive ring.

Which other active stars seem like they will never win a league championship?
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yuice20 says:
5/2/2010 6:47:36 PM
dan marino
you can add lebron to this list after they lose this year
charles barkley
I-Got-5-On-It says:
5/2/2010 6:56:40 PM

LeBron James

still no ring

jpero says:
5/2/2010 7:12:42 PM
Active players:

Ken Griffey hands down.
sean2114 says:
5/2/2010 7:29:59 PM
shootdaclubup, did you miss the word ACTIVE
slikstiks99 says:
5/2/2010 7:30:23 PM
Get Dirk Nowitski outta there.

The guy is a bum and the type of basketball he plays will never produce a ring.
CrusCrnshw says:
5/2/2010 8:09:50 PM

he said active guys

griffey certainly, LT is a good one. lebron obviously but he hasnt played long enough yet to really put him there.

Top_5_Guy says:
5/2/2010 8:53:42 PM
Glad people are noticing it's "active". That's what makes this list interesting in my opinion. LeBron is only, what, 25? He'll need a few playoff flameouts before he belongs on this list.
sherman44 says:
5/2/2010 9:43:42 PM

how about Sergio Garcia....not a ring...but a Major!!

Borat38 says:
5/2/2010 9:57:34 PM
Dirk No-wins-ki doesn't belong in here. 

For me, it's Steve Nash.  I hope he wins one before he retires.  Even if I detest the Suns for eliminating my Portland Trailblazers.
thorpe says:
5/3/2010 12:00:22 AM
Pretty much all the good NBA players not on the SPurs, Lakers or Celts.

A lot of good MLB guys like Lincecum, Grienke, Halladay, all the Phillies, Ryan Braun, Adrian Gonzalez, Ichiro.

samuelsosa says:
5/3/2010 12:34:57 AM

I think its laughable to put guys like Braun and Lincecum in the discussion. Technically you are right because they are some of the best active athletes [guys like Lincecum, Braun] to not win a title but obviously the discussion is for players that have played a good number of years.

For Christ's sake Braun has 4years in the MLB.

According to that logic LeBron could of been on this list after his 1st or 2nd year. Same with Adrian Peterson. I disagree.

Good call on the NBA guys minus the Celtics, they only won once. The Spurs and Lakers won it 7 out of 10imes this past decade.

JW1LS says:
5/3/2010 12:45:01 AM


The Phillies won the championship 2 years ago.
cubsin08 says:
5/3/2010 1:26:01 AM
Thome has been around a long time with out one
Congruency says:
5/3/2010 2:40:14 AM
roy halladay not even making the playoffs is a travesty considering hes arguably been the best pitcher from 2000-2010

ZarleyZalapski says:
5/3/2010 12:02:15 PM
Considering the he was with the Jays and they could put together good years and still finish 3rd in their own division didn't help. I say let the Red Sox, Yankees and their huge payrolls play for one playoff spot and the rest of the AL can play for the other spots.
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