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Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 02:42 AM

Treb's Week 4 Lines (36-19 YTD)

Figured I'd jump on the 'share your spread' bandwagon. First off, I'm not even a "spread guy", and I never pick the O/U because I never trust it. I'm strictly a ML parlayer, and I'm UP $4k on the season solely because of those, but after a MASSIVE week 3, I'm gonna' start throwing more and more at the spread.......
Of course, since I'm not your average 'spread guy', all input is greatly appreciated! I had a putrid week 1, but I'm getting a feel of where all of these teams are at and seem to be slowly progressing. If you want my ML parlay advice, I'm more than willing to share my secrets.... But it's a fairly simple concept that I spend 7 days studying, researching, and writing.... There's also an elaborate bracket involved & a "confidence system" that I utilize. I love parlays...
Anyway... Here is how my season has begun, and I'll be sharing more and more ITT as the week progresses...

Week 1: 9-7Week 2: 11-5Week 3: 16-7ML Parlays: 5-1... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 30, 2012 11:01 PM

My week 6 plays.

I risked $80 last week and won $2,500 on four ML parlays. I'm the luckiest human on earth, but I'll certainly be using the same strategy this week...
SingleBoise -11 1/2ULM -3 1/2Tulsa -4Boston College -9 1/2

ParlayUSC MLUCF MLMichigan State MLBoston College MLCincinnati MLFlorida State MLOregon MLKansas State MLNevada MLOklahoma MLBoise MLLa Tech MLOregon St ML

Games I'm staying away fromGT/ClemsonLSU/UFTexas A&M/MissMass/WMUWVU/TexasVandy/MizzouUGA/South CarolinaTCU/Iowa StateUCLA/CalArkansas/AuburnArizona/StanfordToledo/CMUNotre Dame/MiamiNorth Texas/Houston

All of those games could go either way and all kinds of red flags are thrown up when I look at them. I'm putting $1k on each single play, and around $200/$300 on my parlay cards. As for how I'll determine my parlay, it really depends. I play my parlays late in the week, and there's a very specific way I play them. First I rank them in order of confidence from highest to lowest, then cut them into 4-5 different parlay cards. I'll share my final cards before the Thursday night game.
Any thoughts or recommendations? Specifically on my single plays? Is there a player out that I should know of? I feel like ULM -3 1/2 is a gift, and I'm contemplating putting the house on that one one. That line should certainly go up to 8-9 before kickoff...
... [More]

Posted Saturday, September 15, 2012 05:07 AM

*** MY 15 TEAM PARLAY ***

New England (ML)

Virginia Tech (-8)

Ohio State (ML)

Alabama (ML)
Arkansas -  Anyone know if Wilson is gonna play?

Miami OH
Boise State (ML)


Louisiana Tech (ML)

Tennessee (-1)

Notre Dame
Michigan State (-4)

UCLA (ML) - Anyone know if Handley is gonna play?

Arkansas State
Nebraska (ML)

UL Lafayette
Oklahoma State (ML)

Western Kentucky
Kentucky (-5)

Mississippi State (-13)

If you could avoid a game or two that are listed, which would those be and why? Perhaps you see a game I haven't listed that I should consider and/or trade out? What would you say my percentage of winning this is? Please help! Going all in today!

Posted Friday, September 07, 2012 05:26 PM

Week 2 Four Team Parlay

Kentucky -6 1/2
- Kentucky may be bad but Kent State is just absolutely dreadful. UK will be bringing out the big guns after the embarrassing loss to UL last week. Joker is fighting for his job, and he certainly can't afford to lose this one, especially with the meat of the SEC schedule coming up soon.

Wisconsin -7
- Oregon State's D won't be able to contain their RB. Wisky's OL will dominate the LOS. They also look to avenge themselves as they should've won much bigger than they did last week. We're lucky to see this line so minimal. Also, OSU's QB sucks.

La Tech -3
- Houston sucks. With their OC quitting after week one's embarrassing loss to Texas State, their RB coach will be calling the plays and their prior RB coach will be coaching the QBs. LTU was up 34-3 last year before Case Keenum busted a nut all over them. Revenge. La Tech wins by 14+

Nebraska -5
- I like what Mora is doing with UCLA, but they are not nearly as talented as Nebraska. UN has one of the best defensive minds in the country as HC, and he'll have a plan to contain the Bruin O. UN's offense is loaded with talent and speed, look for a big day from TM and their RB tandem.

Any thoughts?


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