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Posted Saturday, September 11, 2010 03:53 PM

2 Late Night Picks

Long time no see people.

Here are 2 picks...

Stanford -6.5 - Ucla is still learning how to play. Qb is weakest position for Ucla. They won't score while Luck throws it all over the place 

Over SC 52 - Sc may score 52 all by themself.

Posted Sunday, October 05, 2008 11:07 AM

Here we go and let's have some fun

1-2 Ncaa 1-0 Nfl 1-0 Baseball   Just started posting again in recent weeks. Here are my plays and this is more to post than anything. I would of course suggest you do your own research.   Trojan Plays = Big Plays OV Det/Chi 45.5 - Expecting them to score 50-55 pts. Chi has shown they can actually score w/o a Devin Hester run back. They'll score as they showed against a good Philly defense. Now there up against a bad Det team.   Phil -6.5 - Wash shot their wad against Dal last week. I expect them to be spent and the pros they are, come out flat. Also leaning towards the UN in this game.   Gold Plays = Medium Plays OV Mia/SD 44.5 - Looking for a similar type of score as SD/Oak.   Cardinal Plays = Small Plays OV Indy/Houst 48.5 - Slaton can run and he'll do a lot. Just a matter if Peyton can come around.   World plays = leans = help me lean further or take me to the other side. Tenn -1 UN Wash/Phi 41.5 Hou +3 Seat +7   PM games looking at Ariz, OV Cinc/Dall, SF, OV SF, TB, OV TB/Den, Jack... [More]


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