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Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2009 06:00 AM

Money & Reason {25 AUG 2009}

Good Morrow, my game-day gangsters.  Let us take time today, to remember to BE GREEN.

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(A) SDP [+1.5]  -110
The Braves visited the Padres earlier this month.  I'm convinced that, had it not been for Latos' series-opening pitching performance, ATL would likely have swept said series.  This scenario is not the same as the previous one.  However, it is a Game 1 series-opening contest.  The Bravos have dropped the first game of their two most recent home series (first PHI then FLA).  Jurrjens was atop the hill in that recent series-opening loss to the Phils.

(A) TEX +170
Chamberlain hasn't pitched since the 16th (of August).  When last he face the Rangers (at the end of May in Arlington), he only lasted 4 innings.  It difficult to deny they great home field record, however.  The Yanks are 41-18 at home.  The Rangers are 41-24 in their home yard.  Now tell me again how "over-matched" these cowboys are . . .

(H) PIT -105
The Bucs will be better rested and ready to avenge their being swept, in their mid-July visit to CBBP.  Philly looked alright in their recent series against the Mets.  For as dominant as they've been on the road, I don't believe that they blew anybody away (w/ that NYM effort).  I'll take Ohlendorf over "Fat Joe" any ole day of the week.  Prior to losing the fi... [More]

Posted Monday, August 24, 2009 07:16 AM

Money &amp; Reason {24 AUG 2009}

Prior to Sunday, I had not taken a day off in quite some time.  I believe the rest did me a lot of good.  However, there's only one way to find out. 

PHI/NYM - UNDER/8 {-110}
Lee will continue to dominate.  The Mets burned their bullpen on Sunday . . . which might lead one to think that Phil will rip their pitching for 20 runs today.  I do not believe this will be the case.  Cliff Lee is in cruise control.  Practically nobody has, as yet, been able to hit him.  Thus, PHI will likely be content to lolly-gag their way to the finish line; while Lee secures a shutout victory.

(H) WSH +160
Milwaukee's bullpen has had to work way too many innings over the most recent two games of this four-game series; leaving Gallardo 'working w/out a net' for this fourth and final tilt.  Four-game series (not unlike doubleheaders) tend to result in 'a split'.  Milwaukee is also road-worn and longing for their home beds.  There are a lot of variables which should factor into DC's favor.

(H) TOR [-1.5]  +160
Tampa has beaten Halladay on two previous occasions this season.  Are they really going to best him a third consecutive time?  I dearly doubt it.   Helping Halladay's bid today, is the travel by the Rays, coupled w/ Tamp getting their bats shutdown by the Rangers on Sunday.

(A) CWS +166
In Buchholz most recent home start at Fenway, the Red Sox lost to the Tigers, ... [More]

Posted Saturday, August 22, 2009 01:59 PM

Money &amp; Reason {22 AUG 2009}

Salutations and Happy Saturday.  Let's make some books and bookies cry into their cereal.   

NYY/BOS - under\10.5 {-115}
Scoring festivals such as Game 1 of this series, tend to be followed up by low scoring affairs.  Burnett has approx. a 1-2 O/U ratio (his most recent tilt against the Sox resulted in a final score of 0-2).  Tazawa is still as yet unproven in this league.  Being as such, the Yanks will have never faced him prior to today; which usually lends an advantage to the pitcher.  These two played a game at Fenway in April w/ a 11-16 final.  The next game's score was 1-4 (Pettitte pitched for NYY in that 2nd game - how ironic).

(A) CHC [even]
Thus far on the Cubbies current road trip.  They've been playing 'lose two games, win one game'.  Granted, this is a four-game set between they and L.A. (not a three-game - like in San Diego).  However, that third game in San Diego was also against an unknown pitcher; yet that alone was not enough to keep Chicago from scoring a decisive victory.  CHC got swept out of the 1st Round of last year's post-season.  On a semi-national stage today, I gotta believe they compass themselves to some recompense.

(A) FLA +156
Hanson is a difficult pitcher to place one's chips against.  However, nothing is a certainty.  Given that this is the Marlins first game against him, might be cause for ATL being picked as a heavier favorite ... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:14 PM

Money &amp; Reason {20 AUG 2009}

I have read that a user is only allotted one forum 'topic' post per day.  Thus, I am obliged to adhere to the rules. 

(A) SFG [-1.5] +115
When last these two hurlers squared off in SF (9th of Aug.), the final tally was 5-2.  Not only is Matt due for a victory (road or otherwise), but it too is likely he desires to avenge that loss.  Despite the yesterday's rain delay, the Giants continued to hit (10), though they were unable to convert on one or two clutch-hit situations.  To be fair, they also rested some of their better clutch-hitters (Sandoval, Sanchez) w/ an eye to their upcoming showdown in The Mile High City.  The Reds do 'get up' (as do most teams) when they face Lincecum.  Now that that opportunity has passed, they ought to be content to just lay down and 'take it' this morning. 

(A) SEA +153
Their series previous to this one was played at Comerica Park.  The M's lost the first game, only to carry the series w/ victory in the final two.  Ironically enough, Washburn was the winning pitcher in that rubber-match.

Given the odds involved against this same scenario playing itself out, coupled w/ the Tigers' frustrating Game 2 loss, the DET ML would appear (to many) to be "a bargain".  Interesting . . . 

BOL gentlemen.

~ g
... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 19, 2009 09:43 AM

Money &amp; Reason {19 AUG 2009}

SFG/CIN - OVER (8.5) {-115}, (A) KCR -135,
(H) CLE +120,  (A) SEA +260,  (H) PHI [-2.5] +???,
(H) NYM [+1.5] -105 and/or under\8 {-105}

SEA - For as "helpless and horrible" as the M's are supposed to be, they have shown signs of life in the second half.  Following their loss in Game 1, they will have a level chance at logging a bounce-back victory.  Verlander has been shaky in recent weeks.  Snell, meanwhile, has not helmed a (MLB) victory for his club since mid-June.  However, even a blind dog finds 'a piece of tail' every now an' then.  The M's just stomped on the NYY as well (Game 3 of that series).  Absolutely, this is worth a play.  The Tigers bullpen can be fairly lackluster, there's no way that I will entrust them w/ a '-300' play (RL or other).  Ridiculous.

SFG/CIN - The Giants bats have finally come to life, having collected 30 hits through their most recent two games.  Zito, while pitching better, is still a guy that can blow up at any minute.  The ball carried WELL in Game 1 of this series, little indicates that the same will not be true for this swing game.  These two pitchers hooked horns in SF (Aug. 8).  That game's final was 2-4.   Arroyo, who has not won in San Francisco in five starts, also had a three-game winning streak against the Giants end.
Zito beat the Reds for the first time since June of 2004 when he was with the Oakland Athletics.  Finally... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 03, 2008 01:36 PM

MVP . . . You've earned it Al

In response to an earlier thread:

"Hemsky was named the team's MVP after his 71-point season." 

HA, put that in your pipe an' smoke it.

Congratualations to Ales Hemsky 


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