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Posted Friday, July 09, 2010 11:31 AM

Lebron's departure begs the question: What is the point of being a "FAN"?

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This whole Lebron saga just reinforces why it's absolutely pointless to be a "fan" of any professional sports team.  I mean these guys do not give one fuck about the average "fan".  They always say stuff like, "we couldn't have done it without you guys", "we're so lucky to have the greatest fans in the world", blah, blah, blah.  It's all bullshit.  The truth is, what they're most thankful for is that you're buying tickets, concessions, merchandise, etc.  Because all that helps pay for their ridiculous salaries thus allowing them to make millions of dollars and live a life most could have only dreamed of growing up.  In the end it's the "fan" that gives everything and gets nothing back.  I mean look at that guy in that video.  What has he gotten out of the last seven years that he's rooted for the Cavs?  NOTHING.  And now he's gotten completely back-stabbed by the self-absorbed King James.  It's an inverse system. 

Actually, I am a fan of certain teams.  I'm a fan of any team that helps make me money.  That's who I like cheering for.  If not for that though, I don't see how anybody can make such a big emotional and financial investment in these players when they're not getting anything back in return.  Even if the team you do cheer for gets l... [More]

Posted Monday, March 15, 2010 12:22 AM

Got to love the retards on ESPN

All year they've been harping on how wide-open college basketball is.  "Anyone can win it", "There's going to be a ton of upsets in the tournament", "I can definitely see team X making a run at it",  "Team X is really underrated, they have what it takes to make the final four."

But what happens when the brackets come out?  They take all chalk and almost every single one of them has the 1 and 2 seed facing off in the elite eight.

Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2010 03:36 PM

Unloading on North Carolina tonight

I don't think anyone would disagree that this season has been an unmitigated disaster for the Tar Heels.  After a rather promising start that hinted at another deep tournament run, the bottom has fallen out and North Carolina has sunk to the bottom of the ACC Standings, tied for fewest conference wins at two.  But as America's most high-profile college basketball team, the odds-makers haven't had to make any drastic adjustments to their lines, because the betting public has remained inexplicably infatuated with the young men in powder blue, in spite of their money-burning 7-14 A.T.S. record (2-6 A.T.S. in ACC play).  That is until now.  As the losses keep piling up, bettors have begun to grow weary of this sluggish and underachieving bunch.  People are sick and tired of being burned by these guys.  But tonight the mindset is all different and here's why.  For the first time in eons the Tar Heels are a home underdog.  They've sunk to such depths that finally the odds-makers have had enough and they've been forced to jack up their lines.  Due to this adjustment, I feel like finally there is some line value in betting on North Carolina.  This evening the Heels aren't being to asked to cover an inflated chalk line like they have failed to do countless times at home this season.  They are now the ugly home underdog, and that's a completely different role.  When nothing is expected of you, it's a totally different mind... [More]

Posted Thursday, February 04, 2010 02:28 PM

Gonzaga/Portland- Game of the Month

I really think we have a great situation tonight in Spokane to catch a vastly superior team that will not only be extremely focused to win, but win BIG and by a MARGIN.  First though, let's examine the Gonzaga basketball season so far to help uncover the mindset and make-up of this Bulldogs team.

After an impressive non-conference season that featured wins over Wisconsin (N), Cincinnati (N) and Illinois (A) and close losses to Wake Forest (H) and Michigan State (A), the Zags embarked upon play in the West Coast Conference.  They began the conference season rather impressively, winning and covering their first three games at Portland (-2) 81-78 (wasn't nearly as close as the final score indicated), at St. Mary's (+4.5) 89-82 (led by as many as fifteen before the Gaels rallied late) and at San Diego (-8) 68-50.  So at this point the entire team must have been brimming with confidence considering their quick start.  They were also rising up the national rankings.  However, that's when complacency appeared to set in for this talented, albeit young squad.  In their fourth conference game, they stumbled and bumbled around at home against Pepperdine as 23-point favorites winning 91-84.  They followed that up with yet another lethargic home performance vs. Loyola Marymount (game was tied at half-time) before pulling away to eventually triumph 85-69, but any chance of covering the large 20.5-point spread was foiled by the slow start.  B... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 23, 2010 09:32 AM

I seriously believe the Nets are throwing games on purpose

That's the only logical explanation I can come up with to explain how awful they are.  How is it possible to lose to Golden State by thirty when they've got only nine guys and three of them are from the D-League?  And no I did not take the Nets tonight but I'm still bitter about losing with them earlier this week.  I honestly believe this team could be on the take though.

Posted Friday, June 12, 2009 11:08 AM

Jameer Nelson cost his a ring

Absolutely moronic play. 

You guard the three-point line noob and let them take the easy score.

I hope you don't sleep tonight.

Posted Monday, April 06, 2009 02:09 PM

The bigger they are the harder they fall: One huge consideration NOBODY has mentioned ………………

Is that North Carolina has not faced ANY adversity throughout the entire tournament.  Besides LSU giving them a half-hearted scare for about 10 seconds, their five games so far have all been walks in the park.  Gonzaga, Oklahoma and Villanova were all double-digit blowouts that were never really in doubt.  On one hand it’s great that they’ve been so dominant and things have gone so swimmingly, however there’s also a negative to that.  The Tar Heels at no point have been forced to: make crucial free throws, get key defensive stops and rebounds, get big baskets when absolutely needed or any of the other little things required to win a close game.  They’re just so accustomed to going out, getting a big lead, having the opposition offer no resistance whatsoever, and then winning comfortably.  In sharp contrast, Michegan State has been playing close games throughout their improbable run.  The USC game was decided in the final two minutes and the Kansas game was decided in the final minute.  They also made big second half runs to pull away from Louisville and UConn when the game was still very much hanging in the balance. The Spartans have been in games that have come down to the final possessions where they had to execute and make big plays.  North Carolina hasn’t.  I guess that doesn’t matter to anybody though.


What happens tonight if say things do not ... [More]

Posted Monday, March 30, 2009 12:51 PM

Tonight is a rare opportunity to get line value on the Utah Jazz at home

If you remember a few weeks back, I discussed how Jazz home lines had become extremely inflationary given all the advantages Utah gets from playing at Energy Solutions Arena.  These advantages include most noticeably their extreme home/road dichotomy which sees the Jazz play infinitely better at home as their 31-6 SU record certainly indicates.  Furthermore, the Jazz also boast the loudest fans in the NBA, they benefit frequently from catching road teams in tough to impossible travel/situational spots, the zebras give them a disproportionate amount of calls, and lastly they defend better and score more points on their home-court.  So what’s there not to like about the Jazz at home?  Well, everything is great I guess except for again the INFLATED LINES.


When I brought this point up, the Jazz were in the midst of their twelve game winning streak, (longest such stretch in the NBA all year) which included a stretch of five straight wins and covers at home.  But as the Jazz began heating up- which coincided with the return of Carlos Boozer to the starting lineup- it was only a matter of time before people started catching onto their dominance.  Accordingly, the linesmakers had no choice but to start jacking up their home lines as bettors were lining up at virtually every turn for a chance to grab the Jazz at home.  When a team even the most novice gambler could see was... [More]

Posted Friday, March 27, 2009 02:43 PM

Waving Goodbye to Cinderella, the End of March Madness as you’ve known it: Long Winded Theory

Following an exceedingly frustrating week in the NCAA Tournament (AKA a square’s dream) I have attempted to reflect on the causes of my failures.  I’ve picked twenty-one games so far, and gotten only about seven of them right.  I do not like losing at all.  Even though it’s inevitable, I still hate when it happens.  When I lose though, I like to know the reasons why I’m losing.  Afterwards, I try to better understand what I did wrong, why it happened and maybe what I can do next time in order to make a better decision and possibly eliminate a bad play in the future.  It’s all about learning from your mistakes.  I don’t always do this, but I try to.  This is how you get better.  Improvement does not come from following Covers hot capper of the week.  You yourself have to be willing to sit down and honestly examine the problem so you can attempt to remedy it.


Part of my lack of success so far is simply me not knowing a lot of these teams nearly as well as I should.  I focus mainly on the NBA, so I haven’t seen a lot of these teams play more than once or twice if at all.  However that’s no excuse, losers are still losers.  Enough about me though, I don’t think anybody gives a shit that I’m losing.  I don’t really give a f*ck when other people lose, so I would expect they’d extend the same courtesy to me when I falter.



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