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Posted Saturday, January 02, 2010 03:32 PM

VaughnK's Official UFC 108 Sick Picks!!!!

Last UFC put my whole bankroll on BJ Penn -280.  Not the smartest money management, but figured he would destroy Dirty Sanchez and he did.

LOVING Thiago Sylva +175.  Putting 5 units on it. 

Evans will struggle to deal with his mauling style.  He will keep coming forward all night, and while Rashad might be able to use his footwork and quicks to stay out of harms range for some of the fight, he will have to engage at some point.  At that point, I'll take Sylva's compact, efficient straght punches, over Evan's lunging wild swinging overhead rights any day.  Sure Evans has KO power, but Sylva has a very strong chin, and has come back to win fights after being rocked (See Antonio Mendes fight). If the fight goes to the ground, which is unlikely, Sylva has a VERY solid Juijitsu game and is dominant with his ground and pound from top position. 

I predict a Silva TKO stoppage, but even if this goes to decision, I like Sylva to inflict enough damage to earn the decision.  I feel that Evans is a solid fighter, but somewhat overhyped.  Looking back at his last five fights.....He earned a draw against a rapidly fading Tito Ortiz.  One that he only got b/c Tito got pts deducted b/c of grabbing the fence.  Had he not gotten pts docked, Evans would have actually lost to Tito Ortiz's corpse. He then beat Michael Bisping in unconvincing fashion, right before Bisping dropped a weight cla... [More]

Posted Friday, August 07, 2009 11:18 AM

Who's this year's Washington State?

Ok people.  We all know that if you faded Wazzou through the first 8 weeks or so last year, you made a ton of

Personally the Oregon -21 game was my biggest play of the year, when Oregon won by 50 or so. 

Just one of the absolute most garbage teams in modern CFB history in my opinion.  Until the lines got really goofy late in the year, this team was a great fade week in and week out and made me lots of money. 

Who do you guys see as being this years potential Wazzou?
Teams that are absolutely going to get shellacked all season?

Personally I am looking forward to fading Syracuse, North Texas, Army (duh) and Wazzou again this year.

According to my "Power Numbers" these teams should each finish in the bottom of their respective conference's yet again.

Posted Thursday, August 06, 2009 01:10 PM

Just had a KILLER Power Lunch!

Actually it was several hours ago, but I've been busy.

Got together with some business partners and some prospective "investors" on a restaurant venture we're undertaking. French-Asian fusion baby!   Should be hectic, but I am looking forward to it!

Fellas let me tell ya................Nothing better than being in business for yourself as opposed to working "For the Man"!    Quit my boring office job about 9 months ago, and things are have never been better!  Got my online business popping, got some real estate deals happening, and now got my little restaurant venture underway.  VaughnK has his fingers in quiet a few pies, and things are looking Gravy Baby! 

For anyone still working the 9-5 grind on someone else's clock, I feel super bad for you............but hey, you can still turn things around!  Nothing better than being your own boss baby! 

As I like to say when I leave my "Power Lunches"...........

"Power Suit..............Power Tie...............Power Steering!" 


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