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Posted Friday, August 21, 2009 11:51 PM

VB 2009 Probability Matrix

My constant work in progress is my probability matrix method.

I ran through the 2008 season with a slight tweak and the results were outstanding: 78-38 through the first 8 weeks. However, the 2007 season is not coming close to those results. It's frustrating that something produces a 67% result through 116 games one year and is piddling around 54% the previous season. I still can't complain, though. I would gladly take 54% in some of my previous betting seasons.

I'll be setting up the spreadsheets for the 2006 season and re-running the tests. Hell, 2007 could be the odd season.

Either way, I'll be posting the system in it's newest variation all season. Hopefully it acts like 2008 more than 2007.

Posted Tuesday, September 30, 2008 01:11 AM

Part of an intro chapter I've written for a book..

I guess this would be the best place for it. If you're bored, and want to read 1800+ words, have fun. If not, don't.   Critics are welcome. The chapter was never full edited, so there may be some mistakes.   Enjoy.    

0000 CET April 29th, 1945
Somewhere in the North Sea


On the night of April 29th, at exactly 0000 hours, Meyer eased his boat into the darkened submarine bunkers of Kiel. All lights were extinguished at dusk to minimize the target profile for night bombing raids and tonight, under a new moon, it was pitch black. Meyer had been in and around Kiel for a few years prior to his own command, and he knew every inch of the facility and didn't need any light to safely navigate the harbor. Slowly, he eased alongside Pier 17B, which was situated further out than any other in the shipyard. The topside crew quietly tied the aft and bow mooring lines as Meyer expertly guided the boat to a complete stop. Distant flashes of light from allied bombing illuminated the night in erratic intervals. An uneasy feeling started to creep into Meyer's gut. He wasn't keen on being out in the open with nowhere to run.


Five minutes had passed before a single flashlight approached the submarine from far down the pier. Meyer and the topside crew tensed, as they tracked the flickering light until it halted directly ... [More]


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