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Posted Sunday, June 13, 2010 09:06 AM

Stephen Strasburg

Is it just me or has anyone put a red line through the Nationals in today's much anticipated game !?

While he was impressive in his last start the exposure and euphoria surrounding Stephen Strasburgh is beyond ridiculous.

I believe the Nationals and Strasburgh are one of the worst bets ont he board today. We're talking road chalk with a rookie pitcher in his second career start and first road game.

This is uncharted territory for the young man and do not be surprised if the Indians aren't out to rough this kid up and end up scoring more runs than what you'd expect.

I liked what I saw against the Pirates but the press this kid received after the game and the past week has been very Tim Tebow like and therefore nauseating.

I'd be more inclined to play the over in today's game.

Posted Monday, January 04, 2010 07:58 AM

Fiesta Bowl pick

I've gone to 3 different NCAA Football Bowl Scoreboards and they've all got the same error...MWC is 4-0 this Bowl Season.

WAC Teams 1-2 in bowl games this season

Nevada had their excuses with disruptions during their preparation but they still lost to a C-USA team in a bowl game.

Fresno State doesn't have an excuse in hell for losing to Wyoming except perhaps that the MWC is "potentially" stronger than the WAC.

Idaho? good luck to them, it was good seeing them win but they gave up 42 points to a MAC team.

MWC Teams 4-0 in bowl games this season

Wyoming was no chance against Fresno State (one of the top teams in the WAC) - that didn't happen with Wymoing winning SU let alone covering.

Oregon State and Rodgers brothers were going to too much for BYU. That didn't happen with the Cougars shutting down the Rodgers brothers and destroying the Beavers.

PAC 10 v MWC in a Bowl game in California !? You have got to be kidding me !!!!! No we weren't Utah 37 Cal 27

Air Force didn't only in their bowl game against Houston, they limited that offense to 20 points.

***** Fiesta Bowl - #6 Boise State v #4 TCU *****

I have enjoyed having money on Boise when playing WAC foes on the Smurf Turf over the last few seasons (great fun) but as far as I'm concerned:

TCU will be a little too fast on defense for what Boise is used to and may have problems adjusting in the early stages of the game. And when (or if) they... [More]


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