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Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2009 07:16 PM

Hoo's 2009 Bowl Challenge

open to anyone, rules are simple



Pool Details
Sport: NCAAF
Pool Type: Public
Start Date: 12/15/2009    End Date: 1/12/2010
Type of Picks: ATS Sides
Pending Picks: Pending picks are displayed to all players
Description: you must pick every bowl game ATS, no totals, just spreads, you can adjust the unit amounts from 1 to 5, whoever is up the most units at the end wins the challenge, the record doesn't decide the winner, the units decide the winner

sign up and have some fun, lets see who can win it

Posted Sunday, November 15, 2009 06:29 PM

Week 12 Money


7-7 last week and another week of doing basically nothing, I have been so poor this season that I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to have another big week, I sort of had a bad feeling going into Saturday after I added Cincy 2nd half to go with the game I already had, obviously ended up losing both plays and could have easily won both plays, that was kind of the way my week went, I was really surprised to see Brown go the full game without a turnover, the Neers seem to play to stay close, weird game


Random Thoughts (if they offend you then don't read)

I went 1-3 ats in the SEC as I usually do, I really dislike that conference and don't know why I continue to bet the games, I'm the best SEC fade in the house, check to see who I'm on in the SEC and bet against me, you will come out ahead

it is games like Tennessee that baffle me in that conference, I mean seriously, how hard is it to gameplan for Ole Miss??????  Monte Kiffin is supposed to be one of the best defensive minds in the game, so what exactly was he thinking when preparing for Ole Miss??  Here is an idea Monte, STACK THE FUCKING BOX AND MAKE SNEAD BEAT YOU, DON'T LET THEM AVERAGE 10 YARDS PER CARRY FOR THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!!!!!  that seriously could be the worst gameplan I have ever seen from someone who is supposed to be a defensive mastermind, what a joke

Congrats to Ohio State for making it to the Rose Bowl, you guys had another ... [More]

Posted Monday, October 26, 2009 10:29 AM

Week 9 Money

Random Thoughts

I can honestly say that I don’t know who the best team in college football is 8 full weeks into the season

It took blocked field goals and whacked out penalty calls on the Vols for Bama to beat them 12-10 at home, really?  Most of the country feels like Bama is the best team in the land and they can’t throw the football, they have a horrible red zone offense and their QB is not very good.  UCLA went into Knoxville and beat the Vols, enough said

Florida had another sloppy win and Tebow looked below average, I don’t know what is wrong with the Gators but something is, that offense isn’t looking very good right now and they have some injuries, they need to get healthy and figure out the offense if they expect to win another title

Auburn has absolutely fallen off the earth, they aren’t only bad now, they can’t even move the football on offense.  They made a mediocre LSU squad look very good, but don’t let that game confuse you LSU Tiger fans.  Les and Co. aren’t scaring anyone; they are still an average team.

Oregon St. turned out to be any easy cover against the Trojans.  USC got their revenge but I have to give a lot of credit to the Beavers who out gained the Trojans and had more first downs.  It isn’t very often teams can accomplish that when playing at USC.  Riley has done a fantas... [More]

Posted Monday, October 12, 2009 10:41 AM

Week 7 Money

I dropped Kentucky and Army last minute and paid for it, both nice winners, didn't wait long enough for the Co St line and got the push and losing Wisconsin will make a man's stomach sick, everything about that bet was right but it is over and the book got me a little this week, I'm coming right back at them with so many plays it will make your head spin, this is my week, come along or fade away
no random thoughts this week as I seem to upset some of the peanut gallery with my statements each week about whatever and I really don't want to argue about that childish stuff anymore, the jokes are gone, the smile is off my face and I'm all business this week, alot of games as I'm not limiting myself, I am literally going to play every lean I have and see how the chips fall, not my style but neither is losing and I'm doing that this year so why not
you shouldn't have to ask my opinion on any games this week because odds are I will have a bet on that game
  1. Virginia - 4
  2. Houston - 20
  3. Miami - 14
  4. Notre Dame + 11
  5. Wake Forest + 7
  6. Nebraska - 6.5
  7. Arizona - 6.5
  8. Buffalo - 9.5 hook

Posted Monday, October 05, 2009 08:25 AM

Week 6 college football money thoughts

17-24-4   a really bad beat on the Ball St game, Toledo got 18 TD passes in the last minute with 14 two point conversions to clip me on that one, rest of the card was a little better and I managed to go 9-4 for Week 5 and rebound from the 0-11 performance from the prior week, I think I was able to adapt to the way the lines are being set, that being said, I'm still one of the better fades on the website and I look forward to more betting advice this coming week from everyone as I obviously have no clue what I'm doing   random thoughts from Week 5   LSU did it again, I still think that team is around top 15 quality but Miles continue to pull the rabbit out of the hat and pick up wins, if Tebow isn't up to speed from his head injury and the Gators have 12 turnovers in the red zone then the Tigers should get the upset after Miles go for it on 4th & 21 from his own 18 in the 4th quarter   Snead threw 3 more passes to the wrong team yesterday and continues proving all doubters wrong, what a fantastic prospect he is looking like to this point in the season, honestly whether or not he plays well isn't important, at least his haircut is cool, have you noticed him jerking his head on the sideline back to forth to keep the southern frat boy hair out of his eyes?  chicks dig that   Miami and OU played a very competitive game but without Bradford the results aren't exactly accurate, I couldn't believe bettors were so eager to lay over a touch... [More]

Posted Monday, September 28, 2009 07:53 AM

Week 5 Money

8-20-4 ytd   I have seen alot of things in my life and I have been very fortunate in my life, however, this has been a tough week.  I haven't every witnessed someone going 0-11 in one day, much less ever went through anything like that.  I made some very poor picks and had some bad luck on some.  The reason I have been so successful with betting in the past is because I have always been able to adapt regardless of the situation.  I was excited going into this past week because I had gone 2-4 for two consecutive weeks and just knew I would bounce back and win.  Little did I know the worst weekend of my gambling life was ahead.  When Saturday began I started off poorly of course but was okay mentally as I followed the Air Force game, I felt great about that play for the entire game and knew it was going to win, when the bottom fell out and the Aztecs got the miracle cover I was mad for about an hour.  Then I started losing everything in sight and was no longer mad.  I was now shocked.  Anyhow, I had today to reflect on things and I could either hang it up for the season and just wait until next year or I could just pretend it didn't happen and start fresh with a new attitude and try to chip away at my early season losses.  I chose to keep going, probably because I have never failed at anything I decided to do and probably because I just think I can adapt to the lines and win.  Maybe I will turn out to be the best fad... [More]

Posted Monday, September 21, 2009 09:02 AM

College football Week 4 money

I haven't been knocked out yet, but I have been getting peppered by Floyd Mayweather shots to the body the last two weeks, I have been slow out of the gates to say the least and I'm down a little money, time to get back to the winner's circle   My Top 10 Florida Texas Alabama California Cincinnati Penn St LSU Boise St Ole Miss Michigan


Random Thoughts from Week 3

USC losing @ Washington is flat out absurd, I think Pete losing so much of his coaching staff each year is taking it's toll, he is still good enough by himself to outcoach the likes of Tressel but he can't lose at Washington, I know the Huskies are improved and showing some fight, but come on, no other top program would seemingly lose at Washington in my opinion unless everything in the world went wrong

Congrats to Washington and their fan base, Steve S is a solid football guy and has that program heading in the right direction, just goes to show you how bad of a coach Ty Willingham really is

Oklahoma State is just overrated, a win over that half ass Georgia team doesn't look so great now after watching their offense continue to sputter against teams like Houston and Rice, at one during the 4th quarter last night Rice was equal to Ok St. in total yards, that is laughable, no wonder I can't get on a winning streak

Cincy continues to impress, that team is the real deal as far as the Big East is concerned and the clear cut favorite to win tha... [More]

Posted Monday, September 14, 2009 08:08 AM

Week 3 Money

Week 1     4-1-1 Week 2     2-4-0 Total         6-5-1 (55%)     What to take away from Week 2 Handicapping I was completely wrong with Oregon and on the wrong side of that game, my other 3 losses were by a combined 6.5 points, so that is now a total of 4 losses on the year by a combined 9 points, I'm going to be on the right side of some of those numbers eventually so can't get bent out of shape at this point, just part of the deal     What I learned from Week 2 Games Chip Kelly was one of the best offensive minds in college football the past few years but it appears he is suited to be a coordinator, not a head coach, his team is heavily penalized and they show no accountability, the Ducks look bad right now in most areas   USC's offensive coordinator cost USC the cover last night and almost the game, his play calling was a joke, it kept the Slowkeyes in the game and Pete C will need to get things ironed out with him as the season goes forward or they will lose to a team they shouldn't lose to, they already miss Steve S as he appears to be a coaching mastermind at UW right now   Houston is a better football team than Georgia, they basically did what they wanted to against Oklahoma St, I watched UGA play South Carolina last night and those powerful SEC defenses were looking wonderful as usual, the Cocks scored 7 points against NC St and UGA sco... [More]

Posted Wednesday, September 02, 2009 06:21 AM

Getting ready for NCF Week 2

the worst thing about the start of college football is having so long to evaluate the opening week card, I could honestly bet every game for the first week and feel somewhat good about my side because I have looked at every angle of every matchup more than once, that being said I'm going to stay with my routine and limit my number of games and start getting ready for Week 2, if I look at the Week 1 matchups again I might actually throw up, I'm already sick of the games and they haven't even been played yet   Week 2 Matchups   Stanford @ Wake not quite sure what to make of the Baylor/Wake matchup and I'm hoping that Wake with squeak by Baylor so I can get some line value for Stanford, I think the Cardinal should be a better squad this season than Wake and should be able to beat them at their place, Wake must beat Baylor first or I won't even look at this one   Byu @ Tulane the Mormons may be looking to take out some frustration on the Wave if they get buried by the high powered Sooners, if OU wins big then I will be looking at a possible Cougar road chalk here   Texas @ Wyoming anything in the 20's here and I'm on the Horns, Wyoming isn't even going to be competitive here and I'm looking for Mack and Co. to have a chip on their shoulder, Texas wins big here   TCU @ Virginia I need to look into the Horned Frogs this year before I get too excited about this one, but my initial feeling is that UVA is in trouble, I think the Cavs will be brut... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:14 PM

Most Overrated and Underrated Coaches in CFB

this is a tough argument because not all are exactly rated or talked about enough to be on the list and these are just my opinion, so feel free to give your opinion as well and name your coaches
Les Miles (no doubt this guy is at least smart enough to put good quality football minds behind him because he is about as sharp as a marble) there are obviously many worse coaches than Les out there but they don't get the media coverage and hype his team gets every year being in the SEC so Les gets my vote
Gary Patterson (all he does is constantly rack up double digit win seasons with a state dominated by A&M, Tech and Longhorns with recruiting)  he never seems to be mentioned for the big jobs and the guy can just coach, he just wins games

Posted Sunday, June 07, 2009 10:57 AM

Week 1 Matchups to keep an eye on

the first few weeks in college football is the same every year, just suck it up and lay the points and you will win money, if you consider yourself a "dog" player then you probably start off each season in a slight hole, here are the matchups I'm looking at
13 UGA @ 16 Oklahoma St. (Cowboys drill UGA here by 14+)
Maryland @ Cal (the Bears win this one by 20+ with lots of offense)
Illinois vs. Mizzou (like the Illini here, probably my only dog)
14 Ole Miss @ Memphis (Rebels win big here, by 20+)
17 Cincy @ Rutgers (Kats as a slight favorite here)
5 OU vs. 25 BYU (the Mormons get strummed here by 30)
those are the 6 I'm looking at for now, I may play up to 8 games in week 1 and as few as 4, be prepared to lay the points early on guys and count your winnings


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