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Posted Friday, March 04, 2011 03:50 AM

Broken Dreams - Outlook on a Rookie Bettor

I had a tough week. Not just a tough week but an unlucky one. I've had them before but not like this. I was on a really good run betting hockey. I was up about 43 units at one point. Things were going well until, well, this week..

It started with a few losing days. Minus 3 or 4 units. Then it became frustrating as I was losing in the final minutes, losing by one goal, pointless goals with very few seconds on the clock, etc.. I knew that was the 'swing' of betting. I was sure it would end sometime. But here I am writing a blog after another losing night, but this time a much bigger one..

I'm now -21 units in 3 days. My bankroll has taken a hit and I've taken an emotional hit. I chased plays and I knew it was the wrong thing to do at the time. I felt entitled to it because it was my winnings. And it's not even about the money to me. I know one thing about money management and that is never risk your life. This money to me is like play money (well sorta) but it still hurts losing money (of course). But it's more about winning and the positivity that comes from it. I like to win. Period.

I've come to realize that I am a gambler. A true gambler. I will bet on anything with anyone if the price is right. Is it wrong? Public perception might say that people have addictions and they need help. But what if you believe that this addiction is just part of your personality? Is it wrong then? I don't believe so. As long as you don't let it affec... [More]


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