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Posted Thursday, March 11, 2010 03:13 AM

Degenerate bounceback AR 2 EARLY GAMES!!!

Gotta bounce back after the rapings I took on Weber and Marquette along with listening to someone on here about Coppin as it moved 4 points.  If it hits Ill be out of my 600 hole by 3.



150 AR to win 600.

Posted Thursday, March 11, 2010 01:54 AM

The members of SAE at Oregon...

All deserve a fucking baseball bat to the head for snitchin out Masoli.  2 guitars and a computer and you rat out your QB who took you to your first Rose Bowl.  Disgusting I hope another frat there burns thier house down.


Love Chip Kelly what heart hed have a national championship if that fucking clown Belllotti wasnt on the sideline cock blockin his team calling plays in the Boise game to fuck up the offense.  I was in Vegas for that game and the D was doing its part, your old coach comes down to the sideline and calls shitty plays how are you gonna get a first down???


Oregon students should show some pride they make Outzen the toughest place to play and its all undermined immediately by this.  Let the team know you got thier back with reprisals against members of this frat.  What a disgusting thing they did to Masoli, if the fucking kid had been on the take and not brought em to the Rose Bowl hed have been able to buy that shit.  He was probably drunk anyways and didnt even want the shit just took it cause it was funny. 


Me and my boys stole some gay ass frats sacred deer head twice during college, we jacked that shit one night sophomore year and then 8 of the fags rolled up to my boys dorm the next morning and took it back.  Senior year though I was the get away driver at 3 am and my boy ran in thier when they were sleeping and... [More]


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