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Posted Saturday, June 25, 2011 12:44 PM

XLR8 MLB Picks Underdog System Plays

I have decided to post my mlb plays for the rest of this season...I have been using my system for 3 years now. My system only uses Underdogs between +100 and +150. It also uses many other variables.

2009 300-302 (49.8%), +55.15 Units, Avg Winning Bet +119.05

2010 294-286 (50.7%)  +63.57 Units, Avg Winning Bet +118.90

Yearly there are from 550-650 plays with a winning percentage from 48-52%, and an average winning money line bet between +117 to +122

I always bet 2.5% of bankroll and alway bet the same amount.

After 4-5 weeks I will go to posting my picks by twitter only. I also post via twitter now. If you want to follow me now go to: twitter.com/xlr8picks

I will also post NBA picks which have similar success...

From now til the end of the MLB season there should be around 320-380 picks, I will post record and units won daily...

Today's Picks are: LAA +123, PIT +121

Posted Tuesday, December 07, 2010 10:43 AM

XLR8's NBA O/U Power System

I have developed a system for picking NBA O/U games that has done very well through back testing. In 2009, it was at 62% for the year and this year so far it is at 64.19% (95-53-2) and I am rated #1 in NBA O/U on this site. You can check.

Also, some picks are off the charts, I call them "Power Plays" and these picks are at 16-3 this year.

I am posting all my picks for the rest of the year to document the system and make some .

Some days my system has a pick for all the games, some days it picks 1 or 2 out of 6. But it roughly picks most games.

I am going to flat bet 2% on regular picks and 6% on "Power Play" picks, I know it is a little aggresive.

My goal is to start with a $1000 investment and grow it as much as possible. I can't give u a number but all I can say is that I will stick to the system at 2% and 6%. Bets will be raised at the $1500, $2000 etc....

Beginning Balance: $1000 on Dec 7, 2010

Here are todays plays, posted in a thread here at covers.

1. NJ/Atl under 185

2. Den/Cha under 201

3. Cle/Phi over 196

4. Det/Hou under 200.5

5. GS/Dal under 205.5

6. Was/LAL under 206

7. Pho/Por Over 204  

All games above are $20 to win $18.18. There are no "Power Plays" for the day.

I am pretty certain with discipline that this system can get me to .

Lets see how it does, feel free to comment along the way. And most importantl... [More]


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