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Posted Friday, July 27, 2012 10:45 PM

YagangZeii's PRO Streak Tips. How to hit HUGE parlays

I'm not here to say something in the works of " hey buy my picks so you can make more money" this is a joke.

Sports betting is about YOU and the decisions you make. Just like poker, it's a game of skill.

IF you lose money in sports betting, three things happen.

1. you failed to gather enough information to make the right decision.

2. The team / individual you trusted failed to perform or get lucky enough to win.

3. You could have not even placed the bet in the first place- instantly making the decision not to make a decision made you profit if you look at it from the perspective of after the wager was lost.

Notice I mentioned, " or get lucky ". Sometimes the situation comes, were luck comes in. You know- those three useless three's ray allen would hit in the end of the quarter- worse, when Rajon Rondo does it.

lock Over/Unders get ruined by by stupid fumbles, 5 runs in the last inning, ect.

Just like poker- those donks can hit 2 - 1 outers, make you feel sick to your stomach, almost like you want to puke, The one time all these events occur had to happen in the worst way possible.

put the %10 luck outside- you got a %90 advantage in the game of sports betting.

How is this true? only with parlays! Straight wagers ( especially for soccer, basketball, football, - often are set to balance out the odds of 50/50 no matter which spread you pick.

A way to trick the sytem is by making huge teaser's... [More]


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