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Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2012 09:39 PM

Ralph Wilson just farted...Observations and Picks as we approach Week 2

Who would ever watch a Brown's/Jag's game? "I think Vegas is trying to tell us something with this line..." Now you know...

I still hear the shouts RG3! RG3! RG3! ringing in my ears...

Week 1 perceptions: 1. America's team is back! The Cowboys won't blow any leads THIS year. Romo is the man! Look at them handle the SuperBowl champs on opening night! 2. Vick sucks! 4 picks! whaaaaaa. Barely beat the lowly Browns? 3. Ravens are worldbeaters. Flacco really is an elite QB! Look at that new offense work. 4. RG3, enough said. 5. Saints are garbage. Bountygate really got to them. 6. Buffalo sucks. Yes. Well this one is actually true, kind of...I will say that it is very likely Fitzpatrick is the worst starting QB in the NFL, possibly right next to Blaine Gabbert. Still scratching my head as to what JAX saw in him. They are JAX though. They are as well run as the Bills. If nothing else, Fitz definitely has the league's worst contract.

Week 2 Plays/Leans:

1. Cowboys @ Seachickens +3 = Take the points! The chickens of the sea (Romo, that Jessica Simpson joke was for you) are a solid home dog! Good defense, a rookie QB with promise, and Marshawn Beast Mode is back for action. More of a fade of Dallas here. Coming in to a harsh Sea-people stadium for their 2nd road game in a row after that great win to start the season, look for the Cowgirls to show up flat.

2. Ravens @ Iggles -1 = Line came out at -2.5 at m... [More]

Posted Tuesday, November 01, 2011 06:47 PM

Week 9: Miami +ML vs. KC

Anybody else thinking about taking this bet? I backed the KC ML last night, but no way in hell I could say they looked good. Miami on the other hand DID look good last week vs the G Men. QB Matt Moore was actually quite effective and very accurate against a tough Giant pass rush. He even completed a few nice tosses downfield. Plus I liked the way Miami sprinkled Reggie Bush in for a change up run game here and there. No moneyline posted on my book yet, but ill be hitting that as soon as possible. I think the fish get their first win against KC this sunday.

Posted Monday, October 31, 2011 11:38 PM

New to Covers - NFL Week 9 Picks

Got KC +3 for 5 Units on MNF, my big bet for Week 8...looking good so far.

Week 9 Picks:

Cinci +3 @ Tenn for 5 Units, big bet for the week. I'm not sure how much I'm liking it anymore though. Pray for the best I guess. I just don't think Tenn is much of a team, and I do believe in Cinci. We'll see...

6 Point Teaser:

SF +2.5 @ Wash, SF Under 43.5, Dallas -6 @ home - 2.5 Units

10 Point Teaser:

Houston -.5 @ home, Jets +11.5 @ Bills, SF +6.5 @ Wash - 2.5 Units

I know some people say teasers are sucker bets, but I've had success with them, although overall I am a losing bettor so far. I haven't been tracking my progress since I started betting a year ago, but it starts this week. Also put some money on NCAAF. USC -21.5 @ Colorado. Definitely liking that. Please let me know what you guys think about these plays.



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